Wolverines sweep the Darrington Loggers

It was a clean sweep over the Darrington Loggers Friday, May 3. Both the Friday Harbor Wolverines girls softball team and Friday Harbor Wolverines boys baseball teams played back-to-back games against Darrington.

As the final home game of the season, the five senior softball players: Jayna Ott; Ava Hoffman; Siri Lindstrum; Thea Seitz; and Grace Pauls were honored with balloons and banners at the start of the game.

The girls won their first game in a shut out, 10-0, with junior pitcher Marcella Kirkland at the mound. They went on to win their second game as well, 13-3.

On Saturday, May 4, the girls went on to play La Conner in La Conner, for another doubleheader. The lady Wolverines won both games. The score of the first game was 25-3, and the second game was a shut out, 15-0.

Seitz hit one out of the park for a home run during that game, according to coach Kirk Holt.

He added that junior Soma Andrews hit two triples in each game. On the mound, Pauls and Lindstrum started each game and pitched solid, with sophomore Raylee Miniken closing the last two innings of the second game. She pitched six strikeouts, Holt said, with speed and changeups.

The girls are at the top of the league with 12 wins and five losses overall. Orcas Vikings are also in the top tier, and the lady Wolverines will play them Tuesday, May 7, for the final game of the season.

The Wolverine baseball team won their first game against the Darrington Loggers, 5-1. Senior Marshal Clark had a total of 12 strikeouts. He also added two hits and two runs batted into his statistics, according to Coach Rich Warin. Senior Lucas Chevalier had two doubles, while junior Gavin Mason had two doubles and two RBIs.

The second game opened with senior players Chevalier, Clark and Yadir Plaza receiving flowers presented by their mothers, as an end of the season tribute. Mason pitched a shut out game only giving up two hits. While the action didn’t really begin until the third inning, when Junior Gavin Flaum scored, followed by both Mason and Clark. The defense shined at the top of the fifth inning when Flaum, catcher, threw the ball to second where the team was able to get a double play, getting two runners out. At bat, Flaum hit a double, and had two RBIs, Lucas added two doubles and three RBIs under his belt, and freshman Dylan Roberson had two hits and scored three runs. At the bottom of the six inning freshman, Connor Haines made the final scoring run ending the game with a score of 10-0.

District playoffs for baseball begin May 7, time an place yet to be determined.

“Great pitching and good defense in the doubleheader sweep,” Coach Warin said.