Wolverines golfed their best in bad weather – but lost to the Vikings

By Coach Jack Rice.

Arch rival Orcas took Friday Harbor to the cleaners on April 6; the men’s team was 191 to 210 and the women’s team 114 to 136.

The bright spot was three of the top six places on the Friday Harbor team went to 8th graders; Sam Herda, PJ Nixon and Dylan Lawson. It was a tough day for golf as it was cold and the wind off Griffin Bay was blowing 30 mph. This week the team was introduced to a new game called Hoot and Scoot. Hoot is the chip shot and scoot are the number of putts. A PGA Professional will hoot and scoot, one chip one putt, eight out of 10 times. An average high school golfer is lucky to get it on the green with one chip and into the hole with two putts. With the weather bad conditions and the strong winds blowing

if a player got the ball up in the air very high, the wind would just carry it off the fairway and sometimes out of bounds, particularly on hole seven next to the houses. Our course management for the day was to shoot a low drive out to the right, hit 5 iron short of the green side bunker away from the houses and then hoot and scoot it onto the green for an easy 5. Low drive, 5 iron, chip and 2 putts, easy 5 and they would probably lap the field. In last week’s match against Lopez, in similar conditions, 8th grader Sam Herda was playing a solid round until he stepped up on the 7th tee. Before he putted out for an 11, he bounced 3 shots off the houses to the left. Sam wasn’t going to let that happen again. On Thursday, he executed a perfect strategy against Orcas. He hit a nice driver out to the right staying away from the OB left. He then laid a nice shot 40 yards short of the green. Then chipped onto the green and with all that practice this week, he one putted for his par. The ultimate hoot and scoot, 1 chip and 1 putt. What a difference a week makes! One week the game will flog you (golf spelled backwards) and the next week you’re an up-and-coming star! That’s why we play the game. Coach Jack Rice

When the golf team complains about playing in the rain on San Juan Island, they are reminded it could be a lot more difficult as experienced by players from Central Oregon.

Friday Harbor Men’s Team: Low 4 scores: 210

Sam Herda 47 8th Medalist for FH

Ryan Rautenberg 50 11th

Finn Graham 56 9th

PJ Nixon 57 8th

Atreyu Welty 57 10th

Dylan Lawson 61 8th

Alister Kinnaman 62 10th

Orcas Men: Low 4 scores: 191

Tommy Anderson Cleveland 45 Medalist for Orcas

Sam Sutton 47

Josh spinner 48

TJ Liblik 51

Tim Malo 51

Levi Ashcraft 61

Kenneth Farani 62

Isaac Moss 64

Jacob Wright 67

Friday Harbor Women’s Team: Low 2 scores: 136

Akira Tokunaga 61 8th

Janna Rajczi 75 10th

Orcas Women: Low 2 scores: 114

Celia Groeninger 56

Lili Malo 58

Vera Sasan 60

Nisha Woolworth 66

Riley Helms 73

Alina Daoust 75