Wolverines’ golf team tournament updates

By Coach Jack Rice.

Friday Harbor’s Jack Hess and Reese Tangney won medalist honors for the men’s and women’s divisions. For the first match of the season, in cold and wet conditions, the local team posted some good scores. This was the first match for many of the players and with nine of them being only 8th and 9th graders, they played well. Some of these 8th graders are so small their driver is taller than they are. But I’ll tell ya, you don’t want to get into a long drive contest with them!

Because our schools are in the smallest division, we are allowed to let 8th graders play on the high school golf team. Jack Hess as a freshman already has a year’s experience behind him making it all the way to Bi-District as an 8th grader. Experience like this will pay big dividends as we go through the season. Junior Reese Tangney turned out for golf for the first time this year and took home medalist honors in the Ladies’ division.

I am proud when the team plays well and looks well on the course. With all the raincoats and heavy sweaters on you would never know the team was all decked out in their new golf shirts. A big thank you to the members and management at the San Juan Golf Club for all their support.

Friday Harbor Men’s Team: Low 5 scores: 252

Jack Hess 45 9th Medalist

Sam Herda 48 8th

Fisher Goosman 52 10th

Ryan Rautenberg 53 11th

Finn Graham 54 9th

Andy Quiroz 56 10th

Dylan Lawson 57 8th

PJ Dixon 59 8th

Atreyu Welty 59 10th

Andrew Rezabek 61 9th

Grayson Mathews 63 9th

Lopez Men: Low 5 scores: 345

Henry Robles 58

Deston Dupuis 58

Kyle Copeland 68

Bryce Coro 77

Daniel Valencia 84

Beau Spreine 84

Friday Harbor Women’s Team: Low 3 scores: 210

Reese Tangney 65 11th Medalist

Akira Tokunaga 71 8th

Morgan Douglas 74 10th

Lopez Women: Low 3 scores: 206

Abril Velazco 66

Melissa Valencia 69

Hannah Roberson 71

Amelia Patino 71

Valentina Rendo 73

March 28:

The match was played at Swinomish golf Links in Anacortes.

The word for the day was patience. “Patience is an important characteristic that enables golfers to negotiate a shot properly and also perform your best over an entire round. The loss of patience can be the difference between scoring well and not scoring well.” Regardless of where your golf game is, you need to learn to exercise the ability to stay patient.

Sometimes we experience situations outside our control: that was the case Tuesday. The course overbooked the activity for the day with Anacortes High hosting a 4-way match against other schools and La Conner hosting Friday Harbor. With a scheduled 3:15 start time we were lucky to get everyone on the course by 5:45. Only one group was able to finish before we made the mad rush back to the ferry landing for the ride home.

Highlights for the day: The only group to post an actual score was Jack Hess 46 and Ryan Rautenberg with a 48. The two best players from La Conner posted 40 and 44. First-year player Fisher Goosman was sitting at 39 with one hole to play. If we give him a bogey on 9, he cards his best round of the year with a 44. The same goes for Finn Graham, sitting at 41 after 8 holes he is in at 46, another personal best. I’m not brave enough to project other scores, when a team member has 3 of 4 holes to play. One of the best shots of the day came from 8th grader PJ Nixon. The first tee can be a little nerve racking especially for a first-year player and being an 8th grader to boot. Pictured below you will see PJ just hammering one on the first tee about 210 down the middle. Junior Janna Rajczi made had her first road trip with the team. She stepped up on the first tee and fired one it right down the middle as well. I winked at her and said, “now that wasn’t that scary, was it.”

The real hero for the day was our bus driver Kyle. He was like an air traffic controller directing kids all over Anacortes. Starting out on the island at 6 in the morning with his normal bus route, he delivered the Junior High band to Anacortes, picked us up at the Anacortes ferry landing, delivered the team to the golf course and returned to the school in time to pick up and deliver the band back to the ferry. He then picked us up at the golf course and we all made it to the ferry landing in time for the final ride home at 8:25. On the ride home I congratulated the team on their patience. Everyone maintained a positive attitude under difficult conditions and we had a fun day.

Scores for Lummi March 30:

The Lummi Nation Golf Program has only existed for a couple of seasons. Their players are getting better but are no competition for the Friday Harbor varsity. Jack Hess was medalist for the match with a fine score of 41. It’s only a matter of a few putts dropping and he will be breaking forty on a regular basis. Right behind him is Finn Grahman, another freshman who didn’t play his best, but still scored a 49. Coming in third was 8th grader Dylan Lawson with a 53.

We have three other 8th graders on the team this year, Sam Herda, PJ Nixon and Akira Tokunaga. With nine players in the 8th and 9th grade, the future of Friday Harbor Golf is very positive. The ladies golf team got the day off as the Lummi team has yet to put together a lady’s program. Coach Jack Rice

Friday Harbor Men’s Team: Low 4 scores: 198

Jack Hess 41 Medalist

Finn Graham 49

Dylan Lawson 53

Ryan Rautenberg 55

Andy Quiroz 55

Fisher Goosman 56

Sam Herda 60

PJ Dixon 60

Atreyu Welty 65

Andrew Rezabek 66

Grayson Mathews 66

Lummi Men: Low 4 scores: 221

Peyton Brockie 53

Trevon Lee 53

Hunter Ballow 57

RayShaw Bob 58

Heather Spaulding  Staff photo
Heather Spaulding  Staff photo
Heather Spaulding  Staff photo
Heather Spaulding  Staff photo
Heather Spaulding  Staff photo
Heather Spaulding  Staff photo