Wolverine Wrestling team is ready to rumble

Wolverines wrestling is a small team and thoroughly excited for the season.

“I was afraid that since there is not a lot of variety with a small team, they have to practice with the same teammates every day, would be hard to keep the interest and morale up,” assistant coach Carlos Garcia said. “This group is very coachable, they listen well, want to do well, are looking forward to the season and that goes a long way.”

The team is young also, and assistant coach Sabrina Bremer said one challenge for the year is the lack of knowledge of the sport. However, she added, they are working to instill one or two moves in each athlete, and really get those down.

“My goal is to have them be able to wrestle with confidence, no fear,” Bremer said.

She was drawn to wrestling five years ago, driving the team to matches. She ended up bonding with the students and becoming more and more interested in the sport.

“I love the fact is an independent sport with a team aspect, and we can get these kids thinking outside the box,” she said.

One of the players she is looking forward to seeing compete is senior Mario Flores Gonzalez.

“He started last year, but wasn’t able to play much with Covid cancelations. He came back this year pumped up, and excited to wrestle. I can’t wait to see what he can do on the mat,” Bremer said.

Flores Gonzalez said he was drawn to the sport because of its competitive nature, but also the mental challenge.

“I hope to improve throughout the year, and hopefully what I learn in practice will help me out in life,” Flores Gonzalez said. A lesson he already takes to heart and applies to his daily life is never give up, no matter how rough things get.

Another senior Bremer is looking forward to seeing compete is Caden Swan.

“He has heart and determination. Even if he seems like he isn’t listening, he is, and he goes out on the mat and proves it. He is so entertaining to watch compete. He gets the whole team going,” she said.

It is clear Bremer, and her husband Tad, who is head coach, have formed strong bonds with the students. Sabrina noted that they attend all sporting events just to support all of the Wolverine athletes.

Garcia said he is excited about the opportunity to be a part of the wrestling coaching team and has seen how great Tad and Sabrina are with the kids. Although he is a new addition, he has wrestled since he was in high school.

“I love the individual aspect of it, it’s great for character building,” Garcia said. “Its all determined by the choices you make on the mat. Plus, it teaches you general health practices, and staying in shape.”

The sport is not just about aggression, Garcia pointed out, or even aggression at all. He said he will be focusing on teaching the young members of the team the basics first, the general physical techniques, and sequences of moves.

“I want to show them the chess moves of wrestling,” Garcia said.