Wolverine Spotlight: Chris Gustafson and Alden Carli

By Ally Sandwith,

Our Wolverines Spotlight of the Week is Chris Gustafson and Alden Carli. Chris Gustafson and Alden Carli embody the spirit of leadership and commitment both on and off the basketball court. Both players are eagerly anticipating their last season as Seniors and are enthusiastic about playing with their teammates. They share the common goal of achieving a winning record that leads them to the state championship. This reflects a collective commitment to success and teamwork. When asked what brings them inspiration-Chris shared that his Dad is his inspiration because he instilled a love for basketball by playing with him and helping him develop skills. The support and guidance from his Dad played a significant role in shaping who he is as an athlete. Alden shared his inspiration to be his parents, who consistently attend his games and provide all their support. Having a strong support system as an athlete has a motivating impact.Both of these Wolverines are described as hardworking, dedicated, passionate, and team leaders. Congratulations to these two players!