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Weekly Wolverines wrap-up: baseball, golf, softball, track

  • Tue May 9th, 2017 4:51pm
  • Sports

By Emma Wickman

Journal intern


The Friday Harbor High School track team traveled to La Conner High School to compete in the NW 1B/2B League Championships on Wednesday, May 3. Every team in the conference was at La Conner High School, competing to earn a spot to advance into the playoffs.

Both the boys and girls at Friday Harbor High School placed third overall in the league championships. The boys had a total combined score of 21 points, and the girls had a total combined score of 47 points.

Junior Ciera Bailey placed fourth in the 100 meter run, and then first in the 800 meter run, with a time of 2:36.81 minutes.

The girls 4×100 relay team is made up of senior Kendra Cliffton, Ciera Bailey, sophomore Jaclyn Domenech, and freshman Katie Place. The relay team placed second, with a time of 54.58 seconds.

Senior Kimberly Blackmon placed fifth in the 4kg shot put, with a season record of 25-01.50. Senior Sara Rist placed first overall in the girls 600g javelin, with a score of 133-02.

Junior Claudio Ochoa placed fifth overall in the 800 meter run, with a time of 2:24.03 minutes. Sophomore Max Maddox finished just a second behind him, placing sixth, with a time of 2:25.42 minutes.

Senior Dustin Rohwer placed third overall in the long jump, setting a personal record with a score of 5-00.00. He also placed fourth overall in the long jump, with a score of 16-04.00. Sophomore Matt Stromberg placed sixth overall in the 800g javelin, with a score of 108-02.

The Wolverines will now compete on Thursday, May 11, in the NW 1B and 2B District Championships at Mount Vernon High School.


Friday Harbor High School’s Fastpitch team traveled to Orcas Island to play the Vikings last Tuesday in a doubleheader. The Wolverines won both games; the first 17-5, and the second 26-16.

In the first game against the Vikings, the two teams were almost neck-and-neck in the first few innings. The Wolverines were unstoppable on defense in the first three innings. This author, senior pitcher Emma Wickman got all three outs in both the first and second innings.

Even though the Wolverines put up 17 runs in the first game, they only had a few hits to get them there. Junior Savannah Hoffman had a triple. The team won the first game in just five innings, 17-5.

In the second game against Orcas Island, the freshman and sophomore girls were subbed in, and were given the opportunity to show what they could do.

Sophomore Jayna Ott had a stand-up double in the later innings of the game. Freshman Molly Tangney also had a double to right field. The younger Wolverines won the second game 26-16.

On Saturday, the girls then traveled to La Conner to play not only the La Conner Braves, but also the Mt. Baker Mountaineers, who are a division above them. The girls beat the Braves in five innings, 18-0. They lost to the Mountaineers 1-5.

The Wolverines’ first game of the day was against the Braves. The girls started off strong, and scored eight runs in their first at-bat.

The team was at the top of their game on Saturday. In their game against La Conner, they had a total of 21 hits, while the Braves only had one.

Senior Hannah Hopkins had a stand-up double to left field. Sophomore Grace Pauls had four strikeouts. Junior Mili Holt had a single to right field.

In the Wolverines’ second game against Mt. Baker, they were up against faster pitching and strategic offense. The girls handled it well, trailing only 1-2 going into the top of the sixth inning.

Sophomore Thea Seitz had two singles in the second game, one to right field and one to center field. Senior Alexa Mora had two catches in deep center field.

The Wolverines’ next home game is at 4:45 p.m on Tuesday, May 10th, against the Darrington Loggers.


The Friday Harbor High School Golf team had their final tournament on Friday afternoon. It was the Friday Harbor Invitational, and all teams from the 2B conference were invited. The teams that competed were the Lopez Island Lobos, Mount Vernon Christian Hurricanes and the Friday Harbor Wolverines.

The Wolverines placed first overall for the boys, with a combined score of 408. The Lobos took second place with a score of 411, and the Hurricanes took third with a score of 412. It was a very close match for all the teams involved.

The Wolverines tied for second overall for the girls, with a combined score of 278. They tied with Mount Vernon, leaving Lopez Island with the first place title with 198 points. Individual trophies were awarded to the golfers overall in the tournament. First place trophy went to a boy from Lopez, who shot an 87. The second place trophy went to Friday Harbor Senior Joe Stewart, who shot a 92. Third place trophy was awarded to both a boy from Mount Vernon and Friday Harbor Junior Dylan Posenjak, who both shot a 97.

One highlight from the match was from freshman Levi Dangees. On hole 8 and hole 17, there was a challenge, where the player who gets closest to the pin wins the hole. Dangees won the challenge by shooting just eight feet away from the pin. The Wolverines next match is at 3 p.m. on May 9, for the District One Championship/Bi-District Qualifier at The Gallery Golf Course in Oak Harbor.


The baseball team at Friday Harbor High School traveled to Orcas Island to play the Orcas Island Vikings. The Wolverines beat the Vikings 14-4, leaving the team undefeated in-league and out-of – league play. The Wolverines kept their bats hot in the beginning of the game, and scored 10 runs by the end of the third inning, leaving the Vikings with no runs.

Seniors Kai Herko and James Guard split up the game, Kai pitching three innings and Guard pitching two. Orcas Island scored two runs on each of the pitchers, but the Wolverines held them off enough to keep the 10-run rule.

Junior Rio Black had two hits, as well as sophomore Marshall Clark, who had a single and a ground-rule double to center field. Junior Yadir Plaza and freshman Nick Herko also had two hits in the game.

The Wolverines will face off against the Vikings again in their first game at the playoff tournament.

The team then traveled to La Conner to play a doubleheader against the Braves. The boys won both games in five innings, the first game 15-1 and the second game 12-1.

In the first game, seniors Eli Cooper-West and Corbin Williams both had two hits. Kai had a three-run homerun, as well as a double. It was a very good offensive game for the Wolverines.

In the second game, Eli Cooper-West had a bases-clearing triple, and he also had a single. Kai and Black both had three RBI’s. Yadir Plaza started off a 5-4-3 double play. He got a ground ball at third and throwing it to the second baseman for an out, and the second baseman then threw it to the first basemen for two outs.

The Wolverines had an undefeated season, both in- and out-of-league play, with a total of 19 wins and no loses. Their playoff games begin on May 13, at Stanwood High School. Friday Harbor is the No. 1 seed going into the playoffs.


Staff photos/Colleen Armstrong

Staff photos/Colleen Armstrong

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