Thar’ she blows — the annual Round the County sailing race began Nov. 12

  • Thu Nov 24th, 2011 2:00am
  • Sports

Orcas Islander Nate Feder snapped this photo of the Skookum and crew at the beginning of the 2011 Round the County sailing race.

The annual Round the County sailing race began Nov. 12 at Lydia Shoal, in Rosario Strait, just east of Obstruction Pass, and participants headed north past Orcas Island, around Clark, Matia, Sucia, and Patos Islands, then continued down Boundary Pass past the Turn Point Light House. The first leg of the race ended that Saturday at Roche Harbor Resort.

The second leg of the race commenced at 9 a.m., the following day. The final leg of the two-day race began in Mosquito Bay, south of Henry Island. The course continued south along the west shore of San Juan Island, across Salmon Bank, around Lopez, Decatur and Blakely Islands to finish again at Lydia Shoal.

The Orcas Island Yacht Club hosted an awards dinner in the wake of this year’s annual race.