‘I got hugs from everybody’: Scott Olinger bowls a 300 game at Paradise Lanes

  • Fri Nov 5th, 2010 12:32am
  • Sports
Scott Olinger

Scott Olinger

After the eighth frame, Scott Olinger knew his game was on. Four balls later, he proved himself right and finished with the ultimate prize.

Olinger, 49, kept his focus and bowled a perfect game at Paradise Lanes during Wednesday night league competition, Nov. 3. It’s his sixth 300 game in league play and his first since 1994. He also has four non-league 300 games to his credit. (The game’s governing body, the United States Bowling Congress, records and awards a ring for 300 games bowled in sanctioned league play.)

It’s also the second league 300 game for Paradise Lanes.

Olinger, who owns and manages Paradise Lanes, is voluntarily skipping the prizes offered by area merchants. But he will get another ring from the U.S. Bowling Congress. Jimmy’s Paradise Cafe gave him a $50 gift card. “And someone came in and bought me dinner,” he said.

Olinger and the CDS Lane Dawgs were bowling against the O’Henrys, a Life Care Center team. Olinger was using a new, multicolored, 16-pound Track 607 special edition ball. “It’s pretty cool looking,” he said.

Olinger bowled 258 his first game and 230 his second. In Game 3, he felt confident of a 300 game after the eighth frame. Plus, his game was free of work-related disruptions.

“When I’ve been there before, I’ve had to go in back and work on something,” he said. “I’m working while I’m bowling.”

Olinger said he made some adjustments through the night, but he didn’t adjust for the last few shots. “I just held my focus … I kind of look at it like, my job is to hit my target. If you do that, you have a better chance of executing your shot. If you’re not focused on where your ball needs to go, you’re not going to make it.”

When the last pin fell, the lanes erupted in cheers. “I got hugs from everybody. I was just tickled. It’s been a long time.”

Olinger became manager of Paradise Lanes four years ago, and bought the lanes in March two years ago. He has been bowling since he was 8.

Consider the feat: 12 consecutive strikes. Olinger’s advice to the bowler whose goal is to achieve a perfect game?

“Get a good coach.”

300 games at Paradise Lanes
Paradise Lanes now has four 300 games in its record book.

— Dec. 7, 2009: Jim Cumming bowled the lane’s first 300 game in the second game of the night’s league play. It’s his first perfect game and the first for Paradise Lanes.

— February 2010: Nate Smith bowled a non-league 300 game. It’s Smith’s first perfect game.

— April 2010: Scott Olinger bowled a non-league perfect game.

— Nov. 3, 2010: Scott Olinger bowled a perfect game during Wednesday night league competition.