Contributed photo. Ethan Havel at district last season.

Contributed photo. Ethan Havel at district last season.

Friday Harbor wins golf tournament

The Friday Harbor Wolverines golf team shined during the golf tournament in La Conner Tuesday, March 19. Friday Harbor’s total team score was 40, 46, 50, 51: 187, and LaConner’s was 44, 61, 62, 66: 233. Friday Harbor sophomore Ethan Havel medalled with a score of 40, during the 3-A men’s division.

“Junior Teagan August is a first-year player and is really doing well,” coach Jack Rice said. Senior Joe Kaden and juniors Jonah Stresbourger, Sander VanHamersfeld as well as freshman Jack Mason are also coming along fast Rice added.

Rice noted that La Conner had not had a golf team for the last couple of years. “I’m happy to see them back,” he said, pointing out that woman medalist Emma Worgum with a 44 scored better than most of the men.

Total scores were:

No.3-A PeterKulseth, FH, 46

Ian Volk, FH, 54

Ethan Havel, FH, 40

La Conner 1 Emma Worgum, LC, 44

No.3-B Aidan Shannon, FH, 61

Joe Kaden, FH, 51

LaConner 2 Elisiah Porter, LC, 62

LaConner 3 Alex Davidson, LC, 61

No.2-A Ben Dillery, FH, 55

Miles Williamson, FH, 56

LaConner 4 Ethan Simpson, LC, 74

LaConner 5 Charles Baker, LC, 69

No. 1-A Isaac Brumsickle, FH, 54

Teagan August, FH, 52

LaConner 6 Spencer Olsen, LC, 76

LaConner 7 Raven Edwards, LC, 68

No. 1-B Nick Copley, FH, 69

Tyler Fleming, FH, 50

LaConner 8 Ashley Davis, LC, 80

LaConner 9 Reece Merritt, LC, 69

No. 1- C Sander VanHamersfeld, FH, 68

Jonah Strasbourger, FH, 66

LaConner 10 Maizie McCollum, LC, 66

LaConner 11 Alicia Gobett, LC, 67

No. 9-A

Spencer Rishel, FH, 77

Dexter Prescott, FH, 77

LaConner 12 Shalay Solmon-Martin, LC, 72

LaConner 13 Salena Bailey, LC, 72


Blaze Borgquist, FH, 72

LaConner 14 Katelina O’Brien, LC, 79

LaConner 15 Isabella Williams, LC, 78