Friday Harbor golf team takes on Lopez

  • Wed Apr 4th, 2018 2:30pm
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Contributed photo

Contributed photo

Submitted by the Friday Harbor High School Golf Team

Friday Harbor finally completed its second match of the season after the last three outings were canceled due to bad weather. Lopez school was kind enough to let the team bring 14 players for the day of golf. It’s a great experience to be on the travel squad and get the opportunity to play a different golf course. Lopez came out on top with a score of 142 to Friday Harbor 146. Lopez senior Tobin Arden set the pace for the day with a 1 over par 35 on his home course, Lopez Golf Club. Dylan Posenjak was low for the Wolverines with a 46.

Three freshmen made the trip; Ethan Havel 53, Lucas Wickman 57 and Tyler Fleming 60. It’s so great to see these young players coming on so fast. The team had four returning lettermen, Levi Doenges 50, Peter Kulseth 50, Ian Volk 51 and Weston Swartz 51, all knocking on the door to break into the 40s.

The real story of the day is the girls’ team from Lopez. Last year, Lopez sent six players to the state tournament. It looks like they are on a good track to make a return trip to the big show again this year. Their top four ladies all shot in the 40s: Siri Dye 48, Ana-Kate Drahn 48, Kate Combs 48 and Naomi Vliet 49.

The next two players each shot a fine 51, Shayna Gruenwald and Nora Zapalac. The top six girls from Lopez beat almost every boy on the Friday Harbor team. That’s pretty impressive.

With spring break next week, the team will be out of action for the next couple weeks. The team hopes to make a trip during spring break to play a practice round at the district tournament site on Whidbey Island.

April 3 golf match on Lopez

Friday Harbor: 146

Lopez: 142

Friday Harbor

Dylan Posenjak: 46

Peter Kulseth: 50

Levi Doenges: 50

Ian Volk: 51

Weston Swirtz: 51

Ethan Havel: 53

Lucas Wickman: 57

Alen Melic: 58

Joe Kaden: 58

Sean Chevalier: 59

Chase Wilson: 59

Tyler Fleming: 60

Isaac Brumsickle: 64

Finn Cullen: 65

Lopez boys

Tobin Arden: 35

Sterling Carfrae: 59

Reese Hamilton: 48

Lopez girls

Siri Dye: 48

Anah-Kate Drahn: 48

Kate Combs: 48

Naomi Vliet: 49

Shayna Gruenwald: 51

Nora Zapalac: 51

Zoe Reinmuth: 56