Friday Harbor Blackouts watch the Mariners play ball

By Courtney Oldwyn.

Members of Friday Harbor’s Minor Baseball teams and their families attended the Mariner’s Little League Day Game against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Organized by the coach of the Blackouts minors baseball team, Matt Wight, 150 islanders made the trek to T-Mobil field on Sunday, May 28.

“Our kids represented Friday Harbor so well! Really really well, it was a great day,” said Wight, whose son Owen is a pitcher for the Blackouts.

Before the game, players got to parade around the field with other little leaguers from all over the state.

The tie game went for an extra inning with the Mariners coming out on top after a game-winning home run by Geno Suarez. “Jared Kelnek signed my baseball, and there were so many friends from the island all there together. It was so cool! And that winning home run,” exclaimed fifth grader and Blackout team member Wade Oldwyn.

Contributed photo
Contributed photo