District playoffs near for Friday Harbor’s sports teams

  • Wed Oct 20th, 2010 11:17pm
  • Sports

Friday Harbor High School’s fall teams are rapidly approaching the District 1 playoff portion of their seasons.

The District 1 Tournament is used to determine the seeding of the 1A teams in District 1. There are six 1A teams in District 1 (with the exception of tennis), but they play in three different leagues.

“To determine which teams move forward to the Tri-District tournament, we hold a Sub-District tournament,” Friday Harbor Athletic Director Rod Turnbull reports. “While the tournaments look different logistically, because of the sport involved, the outcome is the same. The District 1 (Sub-District) tournament determines which three teams and the order for which they move on to the Tri-District tournament.”

Here’s an update of each fall team’s playoff outline.

Girls Volleyball: The girls volleyball team (4-8) travels to Lynden Christian on Oct. 30 to participate in the District 1 1A Tournament. The first game will begin at 11 a.m. against the Northwest No. 2 team. Friday Harbor enters the tournament as the Northwest No. 4 team.

Teams that finish first, second and third in this tournament will move on to the Tri-District tournament the following weekend at King’s High School.

Boys Tennis: The boys tennis team travels to the District 1 tournament vs. Coupeville on Oct. 20 to determine who will move on to the Quad-District tournament in spring. The top two doubles and singles teams will earn berths in the Quad-District tournament.

Football: The football team (1-7) faces an undetermined opponent on Oct. 29. A win Oct. 22 vs. Lynden Christian would mean the Wolverines would travel to King’s as the Northwest No. 3 team. A loss and they travel to Meridian on Nov. 6 as the Northwest No. 4 team.

Girls Soccer: The girls soccer team (8-0 league, 11-3-1 overall) won the Northwest 1A/2B league title for the third year in a row and enter the District 1 tournament as the Northwest No. 3 team.

They travel to King’s on Oct. 27; game time is 4 p.m. A win would move them on to the Tri-District tournament on Oct. 30. A loss will end their season.

For more information, including tournament brackets, visit the District 1 website at www.nwdist1.com.