Cheerleaders look forward to a great season | Winter Sports Preview 2015

  • Thu Dec 17th, 2015 7:11pm
  • Sports

Staff photo/ Anna V. SmithBack row left to right: Co-captain Sis Baker

Stacey Rude, the Wolverines cheerleading coach, is looking forward to a great season.

The official tally of cheerleaders includes three seniors, six juniors, and one sophomore. Many are first time cheerleaders, but the returning ladies have great leadership skills and the personalities to get everyone rallied for the games.

The team consists of seniors captain Megan Ruesch, Cassie Rude, Julia Smith, juniors co-captain Sis Baker, co-captain Nayaleah Tucker-Belt, Sara Rist, Jessie Pachuta, Patricia Dietz, Iella Parker, and sophomore Rachel Scott.

With experience on the volleyball team, wrestling team, and other physical activities, the cheerleaders will accompany the basketball teams to all away games and anticipate post-season cheering as well.

“My goal is to set out and empower these young ladies, making strong women scholastically and physically,” said Rude. “The confidence that trickles down when the different ages are mingling together is amazing.”

With four of the ten ladies having never cheered before, the upper classmen will take on the responsibility to lead. The captains are chosen because they are returning cheerleaders, good teachers and are not afraid to get in front of everyone and get people excited at the games.

“I want them to strive to be better in academics and get encouragement from upper classmen,” said Rude. It seems that being in sports, including cheerleading, offers the opportunity to learn time management skills and have fun.

This is Rude’s second season as the cheerleading coach. She has prior experience assisting with football and coaching the girls’ 7 to 14 year old Tigers team for six years.

The 2015-16 season started Dec. 4-5 with the Friday Harbor Tip-off Classic, followed by Shoreline Christian Dec. 8 and Concrete Dec. 11. Each and every game will position the team closer and closer to post-season play.