PhenQ Meal Shake Reviews – What Every Customer Must Know! UPDATE

It is essential to have a healthy exercise and balanced diet if you aim to slim down. You might spend hours on workouts and weightlifting in the fitness room, but reducing weight is a far-away fantasy if you don’t eat the right types of food. One of the most critical elements of a balanced diet is to schedule and plan your meals beforehand. If you skip food, you may find yourself taking quick and harmful solutions to gain weight. Meal replacement shakes appear for busy individuals as a beautiful answer.

As the name implies, meal replacement shakes fill you up, and encourage fat loss through fewer calories intake than conventional food. Reduced consumption of calories, irrespective of how you accomplish this, boosts weight reduction. Furthermore, a recent study showed that weight reduction meal replacement shakes resulted in a higher fat loss relative to a meal of the same quantity of calories. The trial included overweight and obese adults who replaced all complete meals with weight reduction shakes for 12 weeks. The findings were due to low-calorie consumption and reduced appetite. However, not all meal replacement fat burners are not made equal, and PhenQ Complete Meal Shake wants consumers to understand why their meal replacement shakes are better than other options in the market.

According to PhenQ’s official site, Complete Meal Shake is an excellent natural fat burner. It’s cleverly formulated as a fat-burning meal shake for folks who have not been successful in their attempts after using diet pills and diet methods to reach their weight loss goals. The PhenQ Complete Meal Shake diminishes hunger and aids in burning fat faster by raising metabolism and retaining energy.

Still, Is the Complete Meal Shake of PhenQ worth the value? How does Complete Meal Shake work?

Please continue reading to learn how PhenQ Complete Meal Shake can support weight loss.

What is a PhenQ Complete Meal Shake?

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is meant to replace the main meals of each day, with protein, macronutrients. Some individuals use food substitution smoothies to substitute food. For instance, you consume a meal replacement shake instead of eating lunch. Others use food substitute shakes as midday snacks or to enhance an active lifestyle. This delicious and healthful food replacement shake offers an excellent nutritional balance. It utilizes multiple essential ingredients and thus is ready in a matter of minutes, with no planning, and no trips to the grocery store with complicated shopping lists to prepare the complete meal shakes. The mixture is gluten-free and easy to use. PhenQ claims to burn excess fat, control appetites, and support its users to remain energetic all day by drinking a PhenQ Complete Meal Shake. These all-natural meal replacement shakes are developed in GMP and FDA authorized facilities and located in the US and the UK. All products are shipped free of charge, and users get one month supply. By using the PhenQ Complete Meal Shake, consumers will no longer have the worry of forgetting to take their diet pills each day at the right time, which can be challenging to weight loss processes.

How Does PhenQ Meal Shake Work?

The PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is based on scientific analysis and research showing how the body’s metabolism can be revived and triggered to increase thermogenesis. The body burns calories in thermogenesis as in an activity such as exercise. With this procedure and many more components, anyone can swiftly begin to lose weight without fear of their safety.

Some of the primary methods of the Complete Meal Shake formula are as follows:


Not Just A Diet Drink

Many diet drinks and weight reduction formulae may be found offered online, including thermogenic solutions that improve energy and metabolism with stimulants such as caffeine. Most of these liquids, though, leave you empty. There are no fats, vitamins, minerals, and nutrition in them. Even protein shakes do not work as shakes to substitute meals. As explained by PhenQ, diet beverages and protein supplements leave you empty. To make the formula easier to fit into any routine, you can replace one full meal with a Complete Meal Shake.

Rich of Nutrients

Complete Meal Shake is high in nutrients. Each serving of the Complete Meal Shake includes 24 minerals and vitamins, 16g of protein and 13g of natural MCT oil, healthy fat. Adaptogens are also available, which are natural compounds that promote mental and physical stress responses. Complete Meal Shake has items that we do not see in competitive formulas, including mood, muscular strength, and vitality compounds like KSM-66 ashwagandha. The mix also includes InnoSlim, a proprietary weight-loss substance that supports AMPK reaction and burns up to 11% more fat, as per PhenQ.

Tastes Wonderful

Many formulas for weight loss and diet beverages promise great things, but they taste awful. PhenQ wants to tackle this problem with unbelievable taste. PhenQ says to have tested 32 distinct variations for its Complete Meal Shake formulation before adjusting to the final taste and texture.

PhenQ Meal Shake Versus Traditional Dieting

Complete Meal Shakes are available in PhenQ markets as an alternative to conventional diets. With standard diets, many people do not lose weight. This is aimed at changing the Complete Meal Shake.

According to PhenQ, individuals on typical diets do not lose weight due to two significant issues:

Reason #1: Lack of Nutrients

Many people strive to eat just because they pick the wrong meals. For instance, people try to eat healthy meals that do not taste great and feel disappointed, turning to the previous, unhealthy diet. Complete food shakes manage what a person consumes and when; food substitutes offer a wide range of nutrient-packed drinks, bars, and powders with many of the essential nutrients necessary for the body’s normal functioning and assist individuals in losing weight. The goal of the Complete Meal Shake is to make you feel full, pleased, and joyful.

Reason #2: Not Enough Time to Make Nutritious Meals

Although you properly prepare nutritious and delicious food, you will not have enough food to relax it. It takes time to make healthy and nutritious meals. Because of the shortage of time to prepare and cook meals, buying processed food is a routine and habit of life. Complete food shake is designed to tackle the problem by making healthy meals within minutes.

PhenQ’s nutrition team has overcome this difficulty by establishing a scientific approach to assess your nutritional demands – with a shake.

PhenQ Meal Shake Flips your Metabolic Switch

The dietitians at PhenQ have designed a Complete Meal Shake for flipping your metabolic switch. You can enhance your metabolic activity and stimulate your metabolic change by eating Complete Meal Shakes daily. This switch is termed AMP-activated protein kinase or AMPK for short, according to the official website. It is a particular enzyme that tackles and tells you to lose extra fat. Think of the AMPK as a powerful fat-burning machine. Once flipped, its inherent energy helps cells dissipate excess fat. By drinking a Complete Meal Shake daily, you may maximize AMPK, switch on and lose weight easier. Your AMPK is slowing down by age, making burning fat and losing weight tougher. As you grow older, you obtain more fat – and it’s harder to lose that fat. PhenQ has developed its Complete Meal Shake for this problem. The formula seeks to rekindle your slow-down metabolism and promote a healthy AMPK response, which improves the ability to burn fat.

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake Ingredients

PhenQ provides the entire ingredient list and concentrations early to make it possible to compare Complete Meal Shakes with other today accessible formulas for weight reduction, protein supplements, and medications.


InnoSlim is a medicinal blend of natural compounds specially developed to reduce weight. Ginseng and astragalus aid and reduce caloric intake, inhibit appetite, and enhance weight loss goals. Studies demonstrate that these nutrients can upgrade AMPK, a fat-burning enzyme that facilitates weight loss.

KSM-66 Ashwagandha

KSM-66 is a trademarked ashwagandha associated with the reduction of weight, endurance, and stress. Studies have shown that the KSM-66 is the world’s most potent type of ashwagandha, which showed a 138.7 percent improvement in muscular endurance. It was also found that endurance was increased by up to 13.6%, and stress was reduced by 32.7%, making it simpler to lose weight by minimizing stress consumption. Your body requires protein after training to restore muscle fibers.

Pea Protein

Complete Food Shake comprises 12g per serving of pea protein. All nine necessary amino acids are present, namely leucine, isoleucine, valine, and arginine. PhenQ explains that the pea protein in Complete Meal Shake can build lean muscle mass as whey protein. As a result, your body consumes more protein and amino acids than dairy protein does, which means higher efficacy in muscle growth.

MCT Coconut Oil

Each meal shake portion contains 13g of MCT cocoon oil. For fat loss, vitality, and cognition, several people use MCT coconut oil every day. PhenQ promotes MCT cocoa oil as the “brain butter of nature” for improving brain functions. MCT oil can also assist you in moving from carbon/sugar burn to burning fat and allow your body to lose fat to reduce weight. MCT oil can help you to feel full, too. Due to all these advantages, MCT oil is one of the world’s most common weight loss products.

Reishi Mushroom Extract

Reishi mushroom is an adaptogen used in treating various ailments for generations. PhenQ’s “immortality mushroom” is touted as an adaptogen extract rich with adaptogens. It can decrease fatigue, enhance cognition and enhance blood glucose levels.

Linseed Flour

Complete Meal Shake linseed flour may regulate the inflammatory response, enhance good health, normalize bowel motion, boost cardiovascular health, and decrease hunger. It contains rich unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and insoluble fibers of omega-3.

Hemp Protein

Complete Meal Shake includes 1.5 g of hemp protein to supplement the pea protein. Hemp protein is filled with fatty acids such as antioxidants, enzymes, minerals, fiber, and omega-3. PhenQ touts research that suggests, amongst other substances, that hemp protein helps relieve hunger for unhealthy food and manage glucose levels.

Brown Rice Protein

Brown rice protein is among the best and most popular forms of vegan protein. Brown rice protein adds pea protein and hemp protein to increase PhenQ Complete Meal Shake’s strength training ability.

Vitamins and Minerals

A range of vitamins and minerals in various forms are included in the complete meal shake, which includes:

  • Potassium chloride
  • Magnesium phosphate
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Anhydrous di-calcium-phosphate
  • Ascorbic acid (vitamin C)
  • Ferrous fumarate
  • DL alpha-tocopherol acetate powder readiness
  • Zinc aspartate
  • Nicotinic acid
  • Potassium iodide
  • Rhetinogenic acid
  • Manganese citrate
  • Di-biotin pre-distant di-biomyrene

Other Ingredients

Fat-reduced cocoa, sodium chloride, flavoring, bitartrate, and sucralose are also included in the PhenQ Complete Meal Shake formula (as a sweetener).

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake Benefits

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake provides all the following advantages to its consumers:

Substitutes one Complete Meal

Complete Meal Shake is intended to replace one meal as all good food substitute shakes. Any drink of proteins contains protein, and every formula for weight loss provides essential nutrients. Still, the whole shake of a meal includes fats, adaptogens, and other nutrients that we cannot find in the different formulas for weight loss.

Remove Excess Weight

PhenQ’s Complete Meal Shake can help to overweight shedding. Each portion includes 269 calories, which gives you a dense nutritional meal without as many calories. The PhenQ team combines science-based components and a scientifically verified weight reduction formula to complete the ideal food replacement shake. To shed extra weight, Complete Meal Shake enhances the fat-burning enzyme AMPK, further boosting weight loss goals.

Satisfy Hunger Cravings

The most renowned strategy to reduce weight is to limit calorie intake and improve calorie costs. By appeasing hunger desires, PhenQ makes things simpler to lose weight. Each portion of PhenQ Complete Meal Shake includes 16 g protein and 13 g MCT oil, which can help you feel full. There is also fiber that can absorb water in your belly to make you feel comfortable. PhenQ’s Complete Meal Shake can reduce hunger for all these reasons to help with weight loss more quickly.

Boost Energy Naturally

PhenQ permits natural energy to be boosted using MCT oil and other substances. Many people use MCT oil and other healthy fats every day for energy-boosting. MCT oil using coconuts inside the Complete Meal Shake. Studies demonstrate that, among other effects, MCT oil can increase energy, vitality, and cognition.

Increase Muscular Power

The Complete Meal Shake of PhenQ contains 16 g of vegan proteins. The body requires protein after exercise to restore muscle fibers. You need protein to assist endurance and recovery if you try to reduce weight by exercising. PhenQ also emphasized the usage of ashwagandha to enhance muscle strength: In a significant study, KSM-66 ashwagandha showed a 138.7% increase in muscle strength.

Ideal for Exercise

If you have a hectic lifestyle, it can be hard to fit your everyday life with healthy meals and shakes. PhenQ’s Complete Meal Shake is an enjoyable on-the-go solution. You get a healthy food replacement shake at fair pricing at approximately 2$ a day, no matter how tired you are.

How to Use PhenQ Complete Meal Shake

Each meal shake serving replaces one full meal and gives all you need to maintain a lifestyle. PhenQ recommends mixing one or two full meal shake scoops with the drink you choose and replacing one meal a day to lose weight. This is how it works:

  • Mix one or two scoops of PhenQ’s Full Food Shake with your choice of beverage. PhenQ, on the other hand, suggests a formula, such as unsweetened almond milk, without added sugar.
  • PhenQ proposes mixing one 50,7g scoop of liquid with 300mL to 400mL and ingesting up to three portions a day.
  • Shake and savor. Add PhenQ’s Complete Meal Shake to your everyday routine for solid weight loss results.

The 24 minerals and vitamins, 16 g vegan protein, and 13 g fat in the Complete Meal Shake are intended to enhance metabolism, boost energy and meet the excess dietary requirements.

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake Pricing

You can purchase PhenQ Meal Shake directly from the official website. Here’s how the price breaks down:

  • One bag – 9 meals: $26.95
  • Two bags – 18 meals: $49.90
  • Three bags – 27 meals: $68.85

PhenQ Meal Shake Refund Policy

On all purchases, PhenQ gives a 60-day return policy. You can request a refund within 60 days of your purchase. If you are not ok for any reason with the complete meal shaker or have no weight reduction outcomes with the recipe, then you have the right to a full refund.

PhenQ Company Profile

PhenQ is a Wolfson Brands (UK) Limited family weight reduction supplement brand. In addition to the PhenQ Complete Meal Shake, the business is now marketing the PhenQ Diet pill, their premium weight loss supplement. You can use a 5-in-one weight loss solution by taking two PhenQ tablets every day. To date, PhenQ’s delighted clients have been over 190,000. The PhenQ team can be contacted via the following:

  • Phone: +1 (646) 513 2632
  • Headquarters: 12 Payne Street, Glasgow, UK G4 0LF

PhenQ Meal Shake FAQ’s

Q: Is PhenQ Meal Shake keto-compatible?

A: Yes! It goes hand in hand with the way of life of the keto. PhenQ Meal Shake may be the delightful chocolate treat you were looking for that you’re not going to bring you out of ketosis if you’re bored or weary with eggs.

Q: How quickly could I expect good results?

A: Although it can differ from individual to individual, many PhenQ clients see positive benefits regularly throughout the first few days of PhenQ meal shakes. It’s not a shake of a miracle. It is years of scientific proof, research, and development that only the top quality components are supported by science to boost the total attempt to reduce weight.

Q: Is it going to make me drop too much weight?

A: No. The formulators of PhenQ made PhenQ Meal Shake with the suitable ingredient proportions to be consumed as a daily meal substitute with no strange side effects. It is all-natural, and it takes some time to build up in one’s system and deliver unprecedented advantages. PhenQ Meal Shake components work together to help and inspire surplus livestock to be diluted through a more robust “metabolism engine.”

Q: Is PhenQ Meal Shake containing caffeine?

A: No. It contains no caffeine. It consists of components that increase cognitive processes and energy without using active boosters and associated inconvenience.

Q: How does this taste?

A: It seems like a blend between a malt shake of chocolate and a doughnut of chocolate. Many clients at PhenQ report that it tastes like chocolate. PhenQ examined the recipe to ensure that all critical standards, including a strict ‘taste test,’ were fulfilled.

PhenQ Meal Shake Conclusion

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake gives the consumer many fat-burning possibilities. Instead of focusing on a change in the physique, the product has nutrients that can enhance energy effectively, prevent cravings for bad food, and more. You can raise AMPK to improve metabolism by drinking one portion of a Complete Meal Shake every day, making it simpler to lose fat at any stage. The Complete Meal Shake is said to have several extra benefits. In addition to improving metabolism and assisting people to weight-loss, the formulation can reduce appetite, maximize energy, and other factors.

In conclusion, there are many favorable reviews of PhenQ shake already, as customers can finally believe one of the most outstanding leaders in the organic healthcare product business in complete meal substitution shake powder. Customers can quickly integrate the supplement into breakfast and lunch regimens without disturbing much of the remainder of the day. It is recommended that this supplement be combined with as much nutrition and activity as feasible. It is unlikely that any nutritional supplement can help with weight loss on your own.

To discover more about the whole meal shaking of PhenQ and how the product works, visit the official website today.



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