What are People’s Thoughts About the Plasma Flame Trump Lighter?

The Trump Lighter offers better performance and a sleeker design than standard models. It is yet another way for Donald Trump supporters to show appreciation for a high-quality device with reliable performance.

What is the Trump Lighter?

Having access to a lighter can make the difference between survival and struggle. Many people enjoy going on long hikes and making camp where they go, but temperatures get relatively low during colder weather, so building a fire is necessary. No matter how prepared consumers are for the night, none of it matters if they can’t stay warm. Unfortunately, traditional lighters can’t withstand the wind and rain, which is why supporters of Donald Trump decided to make lighters great again, too.

The Trump Lighter offers one of the latest ways supporters aim to shed light on the greatness of this former President and current presidential candidate. On the official website, users learn about the story of two customers who used the lighter in dire circumstances. The device doesn’t work like a traditional lighter, which is the perfect way to pay tribute to a president who didn’t follow the trends.

This lighter is one of the most popular options for supporters. Social media already has a field day because this lighter helps consumers, offering users more than just a simple tool. Whether a survivalist or a recreational camper, this durable lighter helps everyone. This device has premium materials that aren’t offered anywhere else, and consumers can get it at a drastically lower price than the retail value.

Featuring a mechanism that uses plasma as the flammable agent, the Trump Lighter is the best gift for any supporter of the 45th President of the United States. This lighter can help anyone access a flame when needed, and won’t be put out with wind or rain. It comes with a money-back guarantee, but the promotional cost is incredible.

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What Makes the Trump Lighter Stand Out?

While other lighters use a little flammable fuel, this lighter combines electricity with plasma. It is based on a method that Nikola Tesla used to develop the Tesla Coil. This method helped him produce plasma arcs of electric energy, and that exact mechanism works for these lighters.

With the same support from technology, Donald Trump supporters can get the Trump Lighter run on a lithium-ion battery. The entire battery mechanism is held inside the casing, offering a flame that won’t go away with water or wind to overcome it. Even when the weather defies all odds, this lighter will never fail to offer what is needed, just like the man for which it is named.

This device also offers an LED flashlight to ensure that consumers can get the illumination they hope for. No matter what consumers endure, they are prepared with this notable gift for any Trump supporter.


Ordering a Trump Lighter

The only way consumers can order one of the Trump Lighters for themselves or loved ones is through the official website. The website has a few options available, giving them a minimum of 50% off of the retail value of each one.

Choose from:

  • Order one Trump Lighter for $29.99
  • Order two Trump Lighters for $53.98
  • Order three Trump Lighters for $71.97
  • Order four Trump Lighters for $83.96

Consumers can pay for orders with any major credit card or their PayPal account. If they want to add a Black Lighter to their order, they only have to pay another $20.99. Consumers are protected by a money-back guarantee, meaning they can get a full refund if this product is not what they hoped, showing the creator’s confidence.

  • Telephone: 1-213-319-5105
  • Email: support@electriclighters.com

Frequently Asked Questions About the Trump Lighter

Q: What fuels the Trump lighter?

A: Traditional lighters use butane or gas to create their flame, but the Trump Lighter stands out with a lithium-ion battery and plasma-based electricity.

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Q: What if the user accidentally drops the Trump Lighter in water?

A: That shouldn’t be a problem. This lighter’s design is waterproof and windproof, so users never have to worry about being without it.

Q: What else can the Trump Lighter do?

A: Besides its use as a lighter, the Trump Lighter also has a built-in flashlight.

Q: Can consumers get an extended warranty?

A: Yes. Consumers want to ensure that they can keep using the Trump Lighter for as long as possible, which is why a one-year warranty for any quantity only costs $8.00.

Q: What is the money-back guarantee?

A: If the user finds that this lighter doesn’t meet the user’s need, they have up to 30 days. To reach the customer service team with any other questions or concerns, call +1-213-319-5105. The team can also be reached by email at support@electriclighters.com.


The Trump Lighter provides users with a helpful tool that doesn’t fall under the same support range as a traditional lighter. This device is easy to carry, using a battery to power the plasma electricity. It has no butane, gas, or other flammable liquid, making this device much safer if it gets lost or left in your bag. It is windproof and rainproof, and consumers can add a warranty to protect the purchase.

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