What’s on your Top 10? | Editorial

Will WSF’s reservation system buckle under the weight of service disruptions if the cancellations and delays that seemed so prevalent this past year return for another round?

The federal government apparently has plenty of treasure and troops to help prop up failing nations and embattled states overseas, so why is it so hapless in helping guide a small group of killer whales away from the edge of oblivion here at home?

Will opposing sides become even further entrenched over a solution to the finances of San Juan EMS, or over what kind of art is appropriate for display in Friday Harbor, or over the rumble of Whidbey Island’s Navy jets?

For us, preparing the yearly Top Ten Stories of the Year has always proved a helpful and instructive task, an exercise that provides perspective. It can be illuminating to go back and see where, when, how and by whom the seeds of what evolves into a milestone event are planted. Sometimes, it’s not what one might expect.

It would be short-sighted, however, not to acknowledge that what may stand out as one of the top stories of the year in the headquarters of our humble enterprise might be of little consequences, something more of a “ho-hum,” to others. A fundamental driving force has always been to select those stories, events or happenings whose impact promises to be both transformative at the moment and extended over time.

As rewarding as it may be to have completed another Top Ten installment, it would be even that much more enlightening to hear from you, and to know your thoughts about our Top Ten, or, better yet, to hear about yours.

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