We have qualified candidates – lets do our due diligence | Letter

Seems now that we island people have serious County Council candidates. Minnie Knych ventured recently with ideas of an ideal candidate. A good try, I thought, and maybe just needs a little reinforcement. This time, dear voters, we need to think way beyond gender, age, haircut, oh my- the cutest dog. (Wife, want to see some cats!) So, voters, we need to dig deep this time. Got to do the homework!

“Qualified?” Is that what Ms. Knych outlined so well? That word needs a good look because it will be likely used by all candidates.

A clear view is for the first time in a long time needed, and we thankfully have some “qualified” candidates. Gone is the reality that no one in their right mind wants this wretched job. It does seem obvious at this point that San Juan County Government needs some major attention. I’m only writing to encourage you to give it that attention before you’re forced into a final trip on the Anacortes-bound boat.


Pete Groves,

San Juan Island