Voters young and old, get involved in this years’ election | Letters

I would like to encourage all Democratic and independent-minded voters of San Juan County to get involved with the upcoming presidential caucus Saturday, March 26 between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. locations will be published.

This will be very important because this will be our chance to bypass all the monied interests corrupting our democracy. This is a grass roots meeting to offer support and debate for those hoping to be our presidential nominee. If you are at least 17 and will be 18 by Nov. 8 you are encouraged to come. You may register at the caucus.

I urge people to become familiar with Bernie Sanders. You may have noticed that the large media companies very rarely discuss the important issues he raises, let alone include him in any political conversations. That is by design. Use the Internet. One of the few places where the truth is still allowed to be spread to the masses. Take some time out of your busy day trying to survive and hear what Bernie has to say.

You will not be disappointed. He speaks to the common man, the decent and honest. Those who don’t believe greed is good. He believes that we are stronger when united than divided.

Hear him out; then, tell your neighbor; then, come to the caucus. That is how he will win the Democratic nomination. It’s how the people will win over corrupt business and government. From the bottom up. For all of us. For we the people. Make this the best year ever.

Walter Cooter

San Juan Island