Vote for Silverstein | Letters

With the important OPALCO election coming up, much is at stake. In the face of rising costs, a changing utility landscape, expensive submarine cables and fiber optic installations, we believe Brian Silverstein is the right person to help our electric co-op navigate a challenging path to keep electricity bills affordable and fair, manage co-op finances transparently, and encourage conservation & renewable energy. With these big issues surrounding us and on the horizon, competent, level-headed and democratic leadership is more important than ever.

Brian understands the Northwest utility landscape deeply, having recently retired as senior vice president of transmission at the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA). OPALCO purchases nearly all of its electricity from BPA and BPA’s legacy hydropower is a limited and precious resource in an expanding economy. For these reasons it will be extremely useful to have someone on the OPALCO board who deeply understands the BPA as well as utility rate setting, regulation, finance and risk.

As an OPALCO member, Brian has been a steady voice of reason at board meetings, and in particular has advocated for rate designs that meet OPALCO’s increasing revenue requirements while fairly treating all types of customers, including low-income and vulnerable population. Brian is intelligent, very willing to listen, and has a generous public spirit. We are lucky that he is running and he deserves our vote.

Chris & Chom Greacen

Lopez Island