Vote for Jarman-Letter

This letter is to encourage that you vote for Bob Jarman for county council. He now has four years on the job and has proved his valuetime and again. He came into the job with a unique work ethic, skill set, and about 40 years of county knowledge under his belt. He’sindependent, perceptive, smart and balanced. Along with his co- councilmen, he’s improved the communication, cooperation, andperformance of county government within and without. We are fortunate to have such a devoted, hard-working, and effective leader whois actually a public servant seeking balanced solutions. He has no ax to grind and thinks for himself.

In contrast, his opponent is new to the county, indicates a willingness to simply raise taxes to solve our housing problem and seems totake his policy guidance from those who have the gall to call themselves “Friends of the San Juans.”

Please vote for Jarman.

Steve Hudson

Friday Harbor