UW’s Friday Harbor Labs thanks Community Foundation’s Women’s Fund – letters

The UW’s Friday Harbor Labs Science Outreach Program (FHLSOP) is delighted to receive funds from the San Juan Island Community Foundation’s Women’s Fund for three important program needs; loupes, lifejackets and the cost of printed materials. The Outreach Program uses the loupes for their 1st grade project with Friday Harbor Elementary School (FHES) students. These 1st grade students team-up with UW Marine Biology students as they learn how to use the loupes to answer questions of their magnified world.

The lifejackets are used with our 3rd and 5th grade projects with FHES and 5th/6th graders from Spring Street International School. The 3rd graders wear the lifejackets when they board the UW’s Research Vessel Centennial for their Diver for a Day field experience. For this experience, the students follow divers into the chilly Salish Sea waters via audio & video feed to learn about the habitat and natural history of the submerged organisms that live there. The 5th & 6th graders wear the lifejackets as they collect water samples and data at the Port for their Friday Harbor Marina Water Quality Monitoring Project with FHLSOP.

Printed materials benefit the entire program as we work with about 700 local K-12 students and 24 teachers getting their students directly involved in the process of science.

FHLSOP, a program supported by the University of Washington Friday Harbor Labs, gratefully acknowledges the generous support from the San Juan Island Community Foundation and its Women’s Fund for it present and past support of the Science Outreach Program.


Jenny Roberts

San Juan Island