Update on Community Treasures

Submitted by Frank Penwell

The Community Treasures (CT) Board of Directors met on Friday, November 4th, 2016. Here are the highlights of action items that are related to the lease and continuation of CT recycling activities:

· Brenda Cave was voted in as a new CT Board member.

· Two Board members are still needed.

· There was a discussion of finger pointing toward others, or other entities, as being counterproductive. Everyone seems to be pointing to others to deal with the future of CT. There was consensus that there needs to be cooperation and coordination in moving CT toward becoming a permanent recycling facility, and that the 7 entities mentioned in the Mullis Center presentation in September need to be communicating and putting their shoulders to the wheel.

· There was a review of a draft Petition that several of you have been involved in writing. The Board reviewed draft changes, ie to focus on the underlying issue of the land use designations. Please review the attached DRAFT Petition, and send your feedback to Barry Cave at: barrycave10@gmail.com Please do not start collecting signatures until there is final agreement on the wording of the draft Petition.

· A month-to-month lease may formally be agreed to after the 15th of November community meeting. This lease would allow CT, the landowners, the County, and the citizens time to support changing the CT land use designation, establishing CT as an Essential Public Facility, and planning the path toward making CT a permanent recycling facility.

· A public planning meeting, with questions and suggestions, will be held at the Mullis Senior Center on November 15th, 2016 at 6:30pm. Be there or be Square!