Update about Democratic Caucus

There has been some more information released by the state Democratic Party about the Democratic caucus on March 26 at 10 a.m. These caucuses will take place at the public school cafeteria on Orcas, at the high school in Friday Harbor, and at the schools on Lopez and Waldron.

The following residents of San Juan County who declare themselves to be Democrats and have not voted in the 2016 caucuses of any other political party can participate: 1) All registered voters of San Juan County; 2) All residents of San Juan County who are 18 or older and who are not registered to vote in San Juan County and who sign a San Juan County voter registration form at the precinct caucuses [see next paragraph]; and 3) All other residents of San Juan County age 17 who will become 18 before or on November 8, 2016. If you are 18 or older and are not registered, you can register almost immediately online at the state elections website (www.sos.wa.gov/elections/myvote/).  This will save time, but if you show up at the caucus and are still not registered to vote, you will have to fill out a voter registration form in order to participate.  The Democratic Party wants to encourage as much participation as possible.

Everyone wishing to participate in the caucus must also complete and sign a separate caucus registration form, not to be confused with the voter registration form discussed above, either at the March 26 caucuses or preferably in advance.  The preferred method to register for the caucus would be to go to the website below and register; I have done it, and it takes a minute or two.  Print out your registration to bring with you to the caucus.  (Be sure to fill in the “Presidential Preference” blank and sign the form before turning it in.)  You can register at the caucus, but we are expecting hundreds of people, and it will all go faster if you register in advance.  Go to wa-democrats.org/page/2016-democratic-caucuses, then choose the quick link Find your caucus site and pre-register.  If you won’t be able to attend the caucus, you can get a surrogate affidavit to vote by mail if you have one of the following reasons: because of a need to participate in observance of one’s religion, because of responsibilities related to military service or work schedule, or because of a disability or illness that does not allow attendance at the Precinct Caucus.  Go to www.wa-democrats.org/page/2016-democratic-caucuses, then to Surrogate Affidavit Form. This same website also has links to Frequently Asked Questions, How To Caucus, 2016 Delegate Selection Plan, 2016 Caucus and Convention Guide. If you have any questions, on Orcas contact me at davidgeri@centurylink.net or 376-4165. On Lopez contact Mac Langford at tyttil@rockisland.com or 468-4015. On San Juan contact David Dehlendorf at thesjcdems@gmail.com or 378-1082.

By David Turnoy

Vice Chairman of the San Juan County Democrats for Orcas Island