Transition at the top ahead at BLM | Letters

Many of you have come to know Daniel Picard, BLM Spokane District Manager, through the numerous public meetings that Daniel has attended, facilitated, participated and listened in here on the San Juans.

I have heard him express often how much he appreciated the communities here, the sense of ownership for public land, the passion and conviction you carry, and your open hearts. Working here was one of the favorite charges of his job.

In mid-February he is leaving the BLM to work for the Bureau of Reclamation in Utah, another DOI agency, to a position consistent with his training in law and water. It is a positive move for several reasons, but Nick Teague and I are sorry to lose him.

There will be someone in his position temporarily for four months while they seek a new candidate for this position of considerable responsibility.

I just want to let you all know about the transition. If you care to send a bon voyage email you can reach him at

Warm regards, and thanks for your commitment to a best tomorrow.

Marcia deChadenedes

Lopez Island/manager of San Juan Island National Monument