San Juan islanders give thanks | Editorial

Every year the Journal of the San Juans and the Islands’ Sounder team up to find out what islanders are thankful for this Thanksgiving. Here are the results:

• I’m thankful for the islanders who resist mainland American suburban values and defend our unique island culture and natural environment.

• Thankful for locals who support our talented local artists. Truly – it does make such a difference.

• For our community. My family. Good friends. Good health. Kindness. The amazing Orcas Fire and Rescue EMT/medic/paramedic angels! Nature. Pastels.

• The spirit and unique qualities of the islands.

• I am thankful for my health and a body that gets me where I want to go.

• I am thankful to live in a beautiful place with a creative community.

• This year, I am thankful for free time, kind strangers, snooze buttons, loud headphones, all-knowing parents, a perfect boyfriend, Pacific Northwest mist, the Mount Finlayson trail and living in the safest area I’ve ever called home on my own.

• This year, my heart explodes with thankfulness! For the first time in years, I’ll be sharing turkey with family, a family that has rallied to care for an impending health concern. I’m profoundly thankful for the opportunity to work with a group of people who care deeply about their craft and each other; for a community that cares about its residents and its environment; to live in one of the most beautiful and magical places on the planet and for the continuing opportunity to learn and discover, and be amazed, humbled, appreciated and loved.

• I am so thankful for family, and because part of mine lost everything in the fire of California, I am more thankful for their safety. I am also grateful to my community here ready to help (me and/or them) in any way!

• Thankful for the courage to end my marriage after 33 years. I deserve happiness.

• I am thankful for the millennial generation. We have given them a handful of reasons why they should be fearful, but there they go, remaining hopeful, courageous, motivated and willing to risk everything by defiantly and bravely leting the world know just who they are. They continue to receive a lot of backlash for being lazy. That’s not how I see it at all. I see them as fearless leaders, and I am ever grateful.

• I am thankful that while my dear husband is miles away at Stanwood Nursing Home after suffering a major stroke, his spirits are still high enough to ask me to decorate his little room for Christmas!