Passing levy shows we care about our youth

By Cali Bagby

Journal editor

Watching the Wolverines boys’ and girls’ basketball teams take on the Orcas Vikings on our home court last week, their athleticism, intensity and determination shone through the blood, sweat and tears of a game well-played. On top of that both teams walked away with wins in their first district play-off games.

It was also a reminder of what happens when you put time and effort into our youth. Sports are just one program that allows students to develop leadershipskills, gain confidence and learn responsibility.

The San Juan Island community has made it clear that programs like this are important to our community by last week’s passing of the public school’s Capitol Projects and Technology Levy.

The measure came in with 73.77 percent approval.The school levy will go towards improving buildings like the Turnbull Gym and modernizing both the school’s libraries and kitchens, two places wherekids can diversify their minds. The improvements to the new science, technology, engineering and mathematics building show that we also want our kids to thrive in a world where mental strengths are respected and utilized.

There will also be further training for staff and teachers to help kids stay relevant in a world where technology is constantly changing and growing.

What I love most about the passing of the levy is that is represents our value system. It shows that we value the many ways that students use their brains – from athleticism to culinary arts to math and sciences.

With this kind of support we hope all children in our community will succeed, whether they stay here or move on to the bigger world outside of the island.

Thank you to the residents of San Juan Island for showing our kids that we are invested in their future. Read more about the recent games on page 16 andfor additional coverage of the play-offs, visit