The Journal endorses … | Editorial

The Aug. 19 primary election is an important one in many ways. For the first time, San Juan County voters will elect the county’s own Superior Court judge; we no longer share a judge with Island County. The judge’s race will be decided in the Aug. 19 primary election. The winner will be responsible for the fair and impartial administration of justice in cases involving family law, felonies and land use matters, among others. He will manage a infant court system through all of its growing pains. He will serve a four-year term and be paid $146,832 a year.

  • Aug 6th, 2008

For the Record | Corrections and Clarifications

— A quote in the story, "Dog attack blamed in 'beloved' alpaca's…

  • Aug 6th, 2008

Keep your thumb out and the car at home | RideShare

Recently a team from King 5 News flew up from Seattle to Friday Harbor in a helicopter to make a story about the new alternative transportation system we have here.

  • Aug 6th, 2008

Still more questions than answers | Guest Column

“Where are the whales?” and “When will they be here?” seem to be the questions I find myself answering every few minutes. I am an intern at the Lime Kiln Lighthouse for the summer conducting research on the killer whales or, as 90 percent of those surveyed prefer, orcas.

  • Aug 6th, 2008

Waggin’ load of tricks and marimba mewsic too | Ferry Home Companion

We haven’t been able to get the final figure from the exhausted volunteers who put on the sell-out Wags to Riches, the fourth annual benefit for the Friday Harbor Animal Shelter, July 27.

Rewards of volunteering are always priceless | Beach Watchers’ Journal

What happened at the 10th annual OrcaSing held at the park’s lighthouse only confirmed just how little we know about the three families of orcas who have been vacationing in the Salish Sea for eons, long before there was a summer ferry schedule.

  • Jul 23rd, 2008

Like any family, we must work at getting along | Being Frank

Nature has established a rhythm through the millennia of our planet’s existence. It’s a rhythm that, for the sake of our children’s children, society cannot continue to ignore.

  • Jul 23rd, 2008

For the Record | Corrections and Clarifications

— “Caring for Our Natural Resources,” a special section produced by the San Juan Nature Institute and the San Juan County Marine Resources Committee, is included in mail subscriber copies of this week’s Jourtnal.

  • Jul 23rd, 2008

Primary election ballots in the mail Aug. 1 | Editorial

Ballots for the Aug. 19 primary election go out in the mail in 16 days, on Aug. 1. If you aren’t registered to vote, do so.

  • Jul 19th, 2008

Aquarium: What do you do with a dead canary? | Guest column

The sea surface can be a barrier, keeping us from “seeing,” in the way we would “see” in a forest or meadow. We started the Spring Street Aquarium in order to reveal the abundant nature to be found under that surface.

  • Jul 19th, 2008

Medicare-certified hospice comes to San Juan, offers new hope for recipients

I want to let you know about a health care service now available to San Juan Island residents. On May 1, Skagit Hospice in Mount Vernon activated a Medicare-certified hospice program on San Juan Island with the plan that these services will extend to other islands when the program meets its goals.

  • Jul 9th, 2008

Friday Harbor should embrace power of public art

The man was in full stride, his head a mop of curly hair, his face a study in determination, his chest pulling in a lungful of air, the muscles in his left leg taut with strength.

  • Jul 9th, 2008

San Juan County needs to enforce dock permit rules | Editorial

San Juan County needs to make a priority of enforcement of its development regulations. A review of 19 dock permits by the San Juan Initiative Policy Group found that of 19 dock permits issued by the county, half of the completed docks did not match conditions of their permits. And eight dock floats were, on average, 52 feet larger than allowed.

  • Jul 9th, 2008

Don’t be an ash! Keep San Juan roadways free of cigarette butts

You’ve probably heard of the Washington State Department of Ecology’s “Litter and It Will Hurt” campaign. It’s a clever slogan. But, when it comes to one particular type of litter here in San Juan County, perhaps the slogan should be “Don’t Be An Ash!”.

  • Jul 9th, 2008

INS must have more important things to do

I have often been prompted to write concerning the Border Patrol actions at the Anacortes Ferry Terminal; others have already expressed excellent points of view over the past four months.

  • Jul 2nd, 2008

Keep entire hospital process open | Editorial

The San Juan Hospital District Commission approved on June 18 a letter of intent that clears the way for the district and PeaceHealth to explore in more depth the feasibility of a new integrated medical center on San Juan Island. In our June 25 editorial, we recommended the commission approve the letter of intent and explore with more depth the unanswered questions regarding the medical center. But we also urged the commission to keep the process open. That’s why we’re disturbed by the fact that the commission adopted the letter of intent without public discussion.

  • Jul 2nd, 2008

We need to nourish the roots of our culture | Editor’s Notebook

How many more people will be inspired by this public art that tells Terry Fox and Steve Fonyo’s stories? What force for change might this be? How many of us might be inspired to look beyond our own perceived limitations and reach to exceed our grasp?

  • Jul 2nd, 2008

Students are making progress with biodiesel

When we began the Friday Harbor High School biodiesel project three weeks ago, we had no idea all the little things it would entail.

  • Jun 27th, 2008

Coveted pedestal on the bumpy road to freedom

They didn’t see it, all those who deserved to. It simply took too long and they were unable to wait.

  • Jun 27th, 2008

San Juan hospital: We like it, but have questions | Editorial

A lot of questions need to be answered about the feasibility of an integrated medical center on San Juan Island. We encourage the San Juan Hospital District Commission, which oversees Inter Island Medical Center and San Juan EMS, to approve the letter of intent that will allow a study that will answer those questions.

  • Jun 27th, 2008

Each river and bay is worth the fight to protect it

Step by step, we are working to restore the health of Puget Sound, the rivers and our Pacific coast.

  • Jun 18th, 2008

San Juan Rotarians are helping write polio’s final chapter

It isn’t every organization that receives a $100 million matching grant from the Gates Foundation. Then again, Rotary International isn’t just any organization.

  • Jun 18th, 2008

San Juans, state blessed with choices in ’08 | Editorial

Shortage of local candidates? That’s so last year. You’re going to have to study for the Aug. 19 and Nov. 4 elections. And that’s a good thing — a field of candidates results in a discussion of ideas and issues. Campaigns and candidate forums allow us to get to know those vying for the opportunity to make decisions on our behalf.

  • Jun 17th, 2008

County Veterans Assistance Fund can help local vets in emergencies

The San Juan County Veterans Advisory Board announces the availability of the county Veterans Assistance Fund.

  • Jun 11th, 2008

Looking at the world through the eyes of a child

Representatives of Iran, Iraq and Israel sat next to each other in the room. This was not the United Nations, although you might have left wishing it was. And it wasn’t a meeting of tourism and convention bureaus. This was Friday Harbor Elementary School’s Cultural Fair, May 28.

  • Jun 11th, 2008

Editorial: Investment in Friday Harbor grads is paying off

Financial news Monday morning was bleak: The Dow was down 3.13 percent, the Nasdaq 2.96 percent, the S&P 3.09 percent. A CNN/Opinion Research Poll released Monday showed that 78 percent of respondents believe the state of the nation’s economy is poor or very poor. In a USA TODAY poll, 54 percent of those surveyed said their standard of living is no better today than five years ago. But on Saturday in a small town on a small island in the Pacific Northwest, residents were reaping big dividends from investments they’ve made — in education.

  • Jun 11th, 2008

Editorial: Help close final gap on school budget shortfall

Only $17.85. Right now, if every island resident contributed that much to the Save Our Schools campaign, school funding and programs would be restored to current levels. San Juan Island residents are nearing a remarkable goal: Raising $600,000 to erase a school district budget shortfall and restore all school programs to their current levels.

  • Jun 11th, 2008

San Juan spring is prime time to see orca pods

It’s again time to watch whales in the San Juan Islands. May and June are the two months with the most number of days of orca sightings in Haro Strait off the west side of San Juan Island. J, K and L pods are the resident orcas of this area and, while they don’t migrate to some other area for the winter, they are more widely dispersed then.

  • Jun 6th, 2008

Keeping one’s distance helps San Juan mammals survive

It is not surprising that every summer the Stranding Network receives hundreds of calls from shoreline residents and visitors who find stranded seal pups. It can be very difficult to leave a beached pup alone, but that could be the pup’s only chance for survival.

  • Jun 6th, 2008

Editorial: We shall never forget them …

Since the war for independence from Great Britain 232 years ago, almost 1.5 million Americans have died in wars and skirmishes: the American Revolution, War of 1812, Mexican War, Civil War, Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Persian Gulf War, Iraq War.

  • May 27th, 2008

The trash speaks for itself

By Callie Bartlett

  • May 26th, 2008

An evening of laughter, fellowship and hope

Make sure your Friday evening is free so you can come to a gala of local musical entertainment, poetry, improv and maybe even a clarinet solo Friday beginning at 7 p.m. in the Grange Hall.

  • May 21st, 2008

Crazy roller coaster of water mismanagement

So-called exempt wells could potentially run our rivers dry. Our rivers are connected to the ground waters and what affects one affects the other.

  • May 21st, 2008

Without citizen vigilance, our fragile democracy will succumb

Love of country compels me to write. We enter the sixth year since the United States, under the presidency of George W. Bush and with the majority support of Congress (Washington’s Patty Murray and Rick Larsen excepted), launched an unprovoked, preemptive and illegal attack upon the independent nation of Iraq. The justification for the invasion given by President Bush and other administration officials was that Iraq possessed and was developing weapons of mass destruction, although the international weapons inspectors in Iraq had no evidence to support this assertion. 

  • May 21st, 2008

Editorial: Snarks and substantiated grumblings

From the "Oh, That Explains It" Department: So, you're paying more at the pump — as of Friday at The Big Store, regular cost $4.27 a gallon, plus cost $4.39, premium cost $4.49, diesel cost $5.08.

  • May 21st, 2008

Editorial: Community pulls through for schools

We have to search for words that appropriately express our gratitude to the donors who have given so much to help our local schools through this financial crisis. As of Friday, six donors had given $285,000 to help make up some of the school district’s projected budget shortfall, and islanders contacted by phone in Thursday’s phone-a-thon had pledged $55,000 more.

  • May 15th, 2008

The ‘new’ SanJuanJournal.com and what it means

The new and improved SanJuanJournal.com launched on April 30.

  • May 7th, 2008