Open letter to Cindy Wolf | Letter

Ms, Wolf,

It has come to my attention that Land Bank Director Lincoln Bormann may be fired for doing his job – making responsible and hard-earned acquisitions for the Land Bank, which is a ubiquitously popular establishment in the San Juan Islands community. Orcas Island has been in dire need of public beach access for YEARS, and he finally does it, and Ms. Wolf, I am appalled to hear that you have desired to fire him because you had other ideas for the property – housing, specifically – where water availability was already deemed not of a quantity that could sustain those homes, as it is in the middle of a nature preserve. This is a betrayal to this community, which Mr. Bormann has faithfully served for 17 years, and a betrayal to your constituency which has been trying to secure more beach access for years to little or no avail due to the considerable amount of private properties that encapsulate the beaches. This is not becoming of our beautiful, WILD community to drag such a faithful public servant into your messy political scheming. If you have ideas for more community housing, there is a time and place for that which does not involve hanging a person’s livelihood in the balance, and there are better properties for which to consider. Please consider this notice that I will be encouraging those in my circles to vote for your opposition when time for reelection comes around.

Elizabeth Sawyer

San Juan Island