Many island businesses are struggling to find employees; we are no exception

Our front-page coverage last week on the local economy explained that while the San Juans are top in the state for small business success, there is a shortage of employees available during the era of COVID-19.

According to the Economic Development Council Executive Director Victoria Compton, it’s for a variety of reasons: some are earning more on unemployment; those who are high-risk are scared to return to work until they’re fully vaccinated; and others have moved off the island entirely.

On March 31, the EDC held a virtual job fair. Other island companies have taken matters into their own hands, hosting their own employment events.

Your local newspapers are in the same predicament as many others: we are in need of staff members.

At the Journal of the San Juans, we have an open position for a part-time office manager, a full-time reporter and a sales representative. Being without key positions filled means that the workload for existing staff members is increased considerably.

We encourage anyone interested in working at the Journal to email Mandi Johnson at We offer health benefits and paid time off as well as an invigorating, fast-paced, creative work environment. There is never a dull moment working for a community newspaper.