Long may she wave | Ferry home companion

Howard Schonberger

Congratulations, town council, on reversing your decision to deny the designed decor on the American Legion wall.

We were shocked when the Legion, under the leadership of Post Commander Shannon Plummer, was forced to defend its right to use its choice of design and identification of their historic gathering place, using local artist Michael Scott’s impressionistic “Proud Wave” as decor.

Since I’ve been  in the Legion for most of the years between WWII and Korea, I was dismayed at the squabble but waiting for what the Post could do to repeal the council’s decision.

I liked the message of Scott’s piece. It has “The Proud Wave” in action.  I could envision the pleasure of sailors and ferry passengers coming from other states and nations as they reached this choice port. I liked Shannon Plummer’s promise that the weather would improve the red paint planned to be used. (He’s a painter. He knows.)

Whether it’s a sign or a location identification— doesn’t matter—it’s going to be a feather in the Legion’s cap.

American Legion Post 163 is one of the state’s largest roll calls. It’s open seven days a week, welcoming all veterans and their friends and families. They have indoor and outdoor facilities for parties, games, etc., serve meals and snacks. Provide funerals for veterans. Provide scholarships for best citizenship and scholarship entries. Back sports teams. Put flowers and flags on graves on Memorial Day.

And of course the Legion hosts troops, bagpipes, honor guards for occasions like Roy Matsumoto’s memorials, and Christmas ships from Canada. Yes, and now they’ll see that very visible sight: that “our flag is still there!”…  if it’s displayed as planned.

— Go With the F.L.O.W. (Ferry/Flag) Lovers Of Washington