Litter clean-up volunteers needed | Guest column

Submitted by David Dehlendorf

Trash Masters

Are you willing and able to help with monthly litter clean-up on the north end of San Juan Island? If not, do you know someone else who might consider helping?

More than 14 years ago, I founded a volunteer group named Trash Masters — now at 22 volunteers including substitutes — that cleans litter on Roche Harbor Road, Rouleau Road and the first mile of West Valley Road on a monthly basis. It is estimated that we have collected and disposed of more than 25,000 pounds of litter during this period.

Time has taken a toll on some of us and I, as our coordinator, frequently need to replace volunteers who are unable to continue for physical or other reasons. Today, we are looking for three to five new volunteers to work monthly to clean milepost 3-4 of Roche Harbor Road, which straddles the winery and Sportsman Lake, and milepost 5-6 of Roche Harbor Road, which straddles Consignment Treasures. We also need a partner to work with existing volunteer Carolyn Haugen on milepost 0-1, the first mile of Roche Harbor Road, starting in town at the high school tennis courts.

Each person, or couple, is assigned a specific one-mile segment of the road. For those able to work the morning of the third Thursday of each month, volunteers can leave their bags of collected litter on the side of the road and I, or another volunteer, will pick them up and deliver them to San Juan County Public Works for final disposal at no cost. Those not able to work on a particular third Thursday, are responsible for disposal, either in their own trash or by delivering it to public works at no cost.

Consider helping to maintain our island as pristine as possible by volunteering. For information, email or call 360-378-1082.