Island hiking | Editorial

This past week I decided that I would pick up a new hobby: hiking.

I started on the “easy” Cascade Lake loop on Orcas, and nearly died.

Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit, but for someone who has only gone hiking maybe a dozen times, that was not an easy trail.

I hiked Cascade Lake three times last week after work, and then on Sunday decided to hike Mountain Lake, yet another “easy” trail. I hope to tackle some of the outdoor opportunities on San Juan and Lopez Island.

Please note that depending on your experience level “easy” trails will in fact be challenging or at least I found this to be true. Well, it may not be true to people who are already regular hikers, and people who are already fit for the most part, but not for under-exercised, novice hikers.

I do, however, suggest that you get out there and get moving, even if it takes you an hour to go a mile. I did make it all the way around the lakes on both trails, and felt very proud of myself at the end. I repeated mantras to myself like “what goes up must go down,” when I met a hill. I also realized I only needed enough willpower to get halfway around the lake – the rest of the way I knew I had to hike if I ever wanted to see my cats again.

I have noticed I’m sleeping better, I have more energy and I crave fruits and vegetables now more than ever.

We’re lucky to live in a place where hiking trails are practically right outside our front doors. And hikes through the forest make you appreciate our islands even more. . The San Juan Islands are our own little piece of paradise so get out there and enjoy it!

And speaking of those beautiful forests, your local newspapers have a special section coming up that celebrates the great outdoors. The 2016 Parks and Trails guide provides recreational and historical information about the San Juan Islands. It is inserted in the papers as well at the parks, chambers and retailers. It’s the perfect special to advertise your recreational or outdoor business. Call Cali at 378-5696 or Colleen at 376-4500 to reserve your spot in the section. It’s being published July 13, just in time for the sunny skies of summer.