Howard’s passing

Howard’s passing

Howard lived life to the fullest and up to the end itself.

We saw him and Helen about two weeks ago at the theatre, and he still had that twinkle in his eye. What a unique and admirable individual! Howard was intelligent, thoughtful, hard working, soft spoken and a wonderful role model for children and adults. The way he shared his memories of life experiences and adventures truly brought American history to life for all of us. We feel privileged to have known Howard and we will miss him.

Karen and David Kratter

Friday Harbor

Way to Go, Whales

It’s obviously good news that with the birth of J53 – the sixth orca calf to be born in the last 11 months — the Southern resident orca population has soared to 83. Way to go, whales!

So how come, during the past few years, we’ve all been told again and again – and again – that our environment is deteriorating so fast the poor orcas probably wouldn’t be around much longer? Nothing – absolutely nothing – I’ve read has even suggested that perhaps the orca population rises and falls over the years and decades, and that human activity has nothing much to do with it.

Will those who’ve been predicting doom – who’ve been telling us incessantly that the worst thing that ever happened to our planet is humanity – now back off just a bit? I doubt it.

In the months and years ahead, as we’re constantly clobbered by reports about our environment heading for climate catastrophe, let’s remind ourselves that these prophets of doom aren’t always right, sometimes exaggerate – and would rather scare us to death than show even a hint of optimism.

Sometimes, things really do get better. Don’t take my word for it. Just ask J53.

Herb Meyer

San Juan Island

Thanks for Eyeland Fest

The evening began with the Argyle Street Jazz Band (thank you!) playing whilst attendees feasted on a magnificent tri-tip dinner prepared by “Billy Grewohl, the tri-tip guy” and his crew. The San Juan Lions ‘pride’ served up cocktails and smiles while Lion Lisa Moretti and her Wizard of Oz cast worked the crowd. Later, while the J-Bots played (thank you!), the high school LEOs club kept the energy up by dancing the Macarena into the crowd!

Many thanks: Islander’s Bank, Dr. Robert Williams, Village at The Harbour, Islander’s Insurance, San Juan Pest Control, Windermere Real Estate, Heritage Bank, Friday Harbor Brewing Company, Starr Excavating Inc, Salt Spray Window Cleaning, Safe Harbor Insurance, Printonyx, Pelindaba Lavender Farm, Spike Africa Sailing Adventures, King’s Marine, Browne’s Home Center, Ace Hardware, Cattle Point Rock & Topsoil, Richard Lawson Construction, Islanders Bank, Roche Harbor Resort, San Juan’s Vision Source, Dr. Brain Crain, Alice Shull, Spring Street Deli, Brandli Law, Bob and Toni Bailey, Dockside Treasures, Friday Harbor Eye Clinic, Argyle Street Jazz Band, Savannah and Josh Boles, Tony’s Terrific Carpet Care, Friday Harbor Espresso, Griffin Bay Bookstore, Sweet Retreat, The Bean Café, Crow’s Nest Coffee, San Juan Coffee Roasting Co, Roy’s Island Buzz, Joyce Crain, Brown Lantern Ale House, Ositos Gift and Toy Store, Creative Fashions, Office Center NW, Mary Uri, and Island Rec.

Very special thanks to auctioneer Boo Boo James, who donated her time and sense of humor, to bring our live auction to life and laughs: “It would be rude of me not to ask if anyone would like to bid higher…” Much appreciation goes to Michele Morton for getting our credit card machine running (yay!), and Lions Sheila and Bruce Martin, for staying at the guest services table all night long! Heartfelt thanks to our Lion volunteers and especially to the Lions Eyeland Fest “core”: Lloyd Vaughan, Tom Starr, Jeff Neely, & Bob Swartzberg and special thanks to Mary Uri.

If we have missed naming anyone who helped with the Lions Eyeland Fest, we apologize.

And a last, large thank you to the people of the San Juan Islands for your never-ending support of these community events – without you, they wouldn’t happen!

Lion President Bob Williams, Vice President Lion Brian Brown and Lion BJ Brandli

San Juan Island

Excellent sportsmanship

We attended a soccer game for our granddaughter when her Burlington-based team played in Friday Harbor on Halloween against the FH U-14G Fleming team. There was no ref for the game and the weather was wet and windy with a giant lake in one corner of the field. There was seating for both sides and the area all around was clean and litter-free.

We are writing to comment the coaches, parents, and players of the Friday Harbor team for excellent sportsmanship and a very clean game. We’ve attended other games for other grandchildren and have seen rougher play and arguing about calls, etc. This game was clean with no rough play among players and no arguing about calls being made by whomever “ran” from the sidelines. Even when the game got lopsided in scores, the play remained clean and players kept going with no signs of poor sportsmanship or giving up. After the game, the Friday Harbor team brought apple cider and treats to our Burlington team players – such a great and simple gesture.

This is a letter to publicly acknowledge the great job parents and coaches are doing in setting expectations and modeling sportsmanship and the terrific job the players are doing in living that model.

Way to play and thanks for a great game and great personal weekend vacation on San Juan Island!

Gail and Andy Omdal


Remember to drive safely

Yesterday while driving from Eastsound to Olga in the dreary, gray, rainy weather, I noticed many vehicles did not have on their headlights. They were difficult to see as the weather “grayed-out” color, etc.

It reminded me of an accident, thankfully minor, I had years ago in similar weather. Cars were waiting in the oncoming left turn lane to safely turn into a paved road. I was making a right turn into the same road with my turn signal on, but no headlights. The oncoming car immediately turned directly in front of me from the turn lane and I had nowhere to go because of oncoming cars in the through lane. Result; I was hit on the driver’s side of my car, fortunately in the front portion. I was unable to brake because of how quickly he turned in front of me even though I was moving very slowly. Witnesses couldn’t understand why he had turned directly into my path. Since this accident, I always turn on my headlights when dusk/weather is gray. I highly recommend you do the same. Happy driving!

Diane Baxter

Orcas Island