Fact vs Opinion

Fact vs Opinion

In a letter to the editor entitled “Transparency in the EMS Levy”, published in the Journal on July 6, Cal Bucholz stated that “the cost of an ambulance ride from Roche Harbor to the Medical Center is $17,000”. On the contrary, the maximum EMS charge for all services anywhere on San Juan Island is $1350, which includes the mileage rate from Roche Harbor. Any additional charges must have been from another provider.

San Juan EMS has no out-of-pocket charge to island residents and the average insurance payment is $333 per call, as publicly posted in the EMS 2017 Expected Case Budget on July 1, 2016.

In another matter, the Save EMS Campaign has requested that the Journal publish a correction to an article our campaign submitted to the Journal three weeks ago that stated that the Island Rec Levy rate is $.45 per $1000 in assessed value. The actual amount is $.385 per $1000.

Loren Johnson MD, Chair, Vote Yes for San Juan EMS 2016, Campaign Committee

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