County Council’s conflict of interest-letters

County Council’s conflict of interest

I was notified yesterday that the San Juan County Democrats may interview candidates soon for their endorsements.

Consider that, by law, county council positions are non-partisan. As a candidate vying for this position, I hold that it is a conflict of interest to ask for or to give partisan endorsements.

Since my vision and goals are to unite citizens through smart policies and regulations that work, asking for partisan endorsement would work against these goals. I have a proven record of resolving conflicts equitably, blending the paper world and the real world to ensure good things happen in an unbiased manner.

I lead by example and respect those who take our community’s needs to heart and work to do something about it.

Partisan endorsements in local races are not helpful and may put candidates in a position that encourages prejudices. A better plan is to let endorsements take place at the ballot box.

Sheryl Purnell-Albritton

Candidate for County Council District 1

San Juan Island