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Clinton scam

On March 12, my wife and I received in the mail two separate surrogate affidavit forms, along with a page-long letter from William J. Clinton, telling us why Hillary would be best for America. This came within an envelope with the return address, “From the desk of William J. Clinton,” in capital letters along with a Seattle address and a footnote in bold letters saying, “Special Message from President Clinton.”

In my opinion, which seems to go along with those I’ve talked to, friends, leaders from the Orcas and San Juan Caucuses and Jaxon Ravens from the Washington State Democratic Party who said they were going to have a meeting to discuss it, a spokeswoman from the Washington State Attorney General’s Office referring me finally to the US Postal Inspections/Fraud. This seems not only sleazy and unethical politics, we wondered if this might be illegal, which I left in an e-mail asking my original question with the Postal Inspections/Fraud!

Friends of mine on Whidbey as well as other people I’ve talked to. So my shared thinking is, with the commonalities either being seniors, those who have recently seen a doctor, admitted to a hospital or are taking prescribed medicines, they’re targeting a specific vulnerable group that would likely use these forms. Which also means whomever sent these also might have had access to supposed private records. Fraud works best with more complaints, so if you’ve gotten these, email me at

John Cook

Orcas Island