Argyle lot project call to action | Guest Column

By Lynn Danaher and Barbara Cox,

It is essential to note that the FAVOR 34 proposal will require a zoning change and the HOME TRUST proposal will not. I assure all reading this that the neighbors to this project WILL NOT approve any zoning change. This will guarantee an unnecessary delay in moving this project forward.

Remember these four lots were purchased originally by the Land Bank to preserve the historical nature and design of the neighborhood.

The Favor proposal does not adhere in any remote way to those design considerations. The Home Trust proposal does address retaining the historic character of the neighborhood.

Clearly, the Home Trust has a proven track record of providing affordable housing. Favor 34 does not!!

Please write to your SJ County Council persons before April 18, that is the day they are making their selection.

PLEASE write to all three of our San Juan County Council members ASAP because they are making a decision April 18!!,,,,

We are asking all county residents and the council also to consider the following:

1. Who will provide oversight necessary to insure that Favor 34 will honor the County’s requirement that 50% of the rental units will be available only to those earning between 30% – 80% or below AMI for low-income households & the other 50% to those with incomes of 81% – 115% AMI. The Home Trust, with public money, will be required to maintain documentation of adherence to these rent parameters.

2. If the Home Trust is awarded the Argyle contract, it has 20 plus years of experience in the affordable housing arena, a set protocol for selection of residents (income qualification, fairness in the wait-list), an experienced Executive Director and an extremely competent, engaged, and knowledgeable Board of Directors who act as advisors to and a resource for the Home Trust staff. Favor 34 has no such checks and balances and has no proven track record of work in affordable housing.

3. The Home Trust understands the demographic needs of the San Juan Island Community. The majority of households interested in, applying for, and income-eligible for affordable housing are one to three-person households, thus reducing the size of needed housing units to studios, one and two-bedroom units. Favor 34’s proposal appears to assume that the household sizes will be larger, requiring tw0 to three-bedroom appreciably larger units to accommodate a larger family rather than that actually needed in our community.

PLEASE ASAP write to all three of our san Juan County Council members because they are making a decision April 18!!

VOTE for the HOME TRUST Proposal!!,,,,

Your participation is very much appreciated!!