Contributed photo
                                Leslie and her dog Hoover.

Contributed photo Leslie and her dog Hoover.

Animal Protection Society director steps down | Guest column

By Leslie Byron

APS-FH director

After long consideration and with a heavy heart, I feel it is time for me to step down as director of the Animal Protection Society – Friday Harbor. This June would be 15 years of being the shelter director, and 17 years of being a part of APS-FH.

I want you to know how absolutely honored I have been to be a part of this wonderful organization in helping to save so many lives of the homeless pets that come through our doors. The goals and successes the shelter has accomplished could not have happened without the continued support and generosity of this great community. The shelter has come a long way in the past 36 years, and being a part of the shelter team has been an absolute highlight of my life. I know the organization will continue the forward path it is on with the backing of the community. I hope to continue with the organization on this path in a volunteer position.

The current board of directors, staff and volunteer team are exceptional, and I know the new shelter will grow as one of this community’s proudest accomplishments.

People will ask why I am leaving the position, and my answer is simple: I’m just tired, and my husband John and I would like to spend more time on our farm and maybe look forward to a bit of traveling as well. I know the shelter is in good hands and will continue with the mission it was set to do.

I hope to finish up this spring, but I will remain on as needed until a replacement for the director position is found and a smooth transition can be made. With the strength of the current board, advisory board and staff, I don’t feel that will be a difficult task.

Thank you to all who have made my job here a complete joy; the past and present board members, staff, volunteers and supporters of APS-FH. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you in my role as the shelter director, and I look forward to continuing to work with many of you in other capacities as a fellow animal advocate and friend.