Timothy John Connelly | 1951-2020

Tim passed peacefully on Sept. 5, 2020, surrounded by his loving family.

Tim was admitted into St. Joseph’s hospital for a leg bypass surgery July 30, 2020. Sadly, he experienced many complications which led to his passing.

Tim was born in 1951 to George and Edna Connelly. One of five siblings, he was raised in Union City, New Jersey, where he lived until he finished high school. (That is where the accent came from!)

We always loved hearing Tim’s stories about growing up in the city and going to New York to see baseball games and concerts. Even after years of living in Washington he never lost his love of the Yankees or his Yankees hat. Most of his extended family still lives there.

When Tim graduated in 1969, he went to work for Bell Telephone Company. Through his career he eventually moved to Gig Harbor, Washington, in 1978. There Tim had his first son, Chris Connelly. Tim loved being a dad, and he was also a father to Chris’ older sister and brother, Elisa Howard and Brian Sorgenfrei.

In 1984, Tim moved to San Juan Island and began working for Inter Island Telephone Company. (Back when the island still had party lines!) He and I met in 1985 and I soon became his wife. Our daughter, Megan Connelly, and younger son, Blaine Connelly, were both born and raised on the island.

With much joy we welcomed our first grandchild, Xander Connelly, into our lives in 2005. Tim loved being a grandpa as much as he loved being a dad. We are grateful to God to have loved and lived on this island together as a family.

Tim enjoyed his 33 years working as a telephone man on the island. He was always the first to arrive and the last to leave. Many of his customers became friends — they all knew that they could count on him to get the job done and have fun with them in the process. Tim took pride in his work and being able to help people.

Before the sheriff’s office was able to identify the address of a 911 call, they would not know where to send emergency services if the person calling could not speak or tell them where to go.

For over 10 years Tim was on call every night and weekends to go into the telephone office and identify the number for the dispatcher so an aid could be sent. In his work or personal life, Tim was always ready to jump in and help anyone who needed it. A fond memory of mine was driving to town with the kids and seeing Tim up on a telephone pole. We loved to stop and say hello to him, it always put smiles on our faces to see him out working and having fun with all of his wonderful co-workers. They all feel like our extended family.

Tim was the most loving, kind hearted, generous, patient, hardworking man that I’ve ever known. His sense of humor was one of a kind and he gave the best hugs ever. (Oh, the fun we had). He was, and is, such a blessing to us all. It is my honor and greatest joy to be Tim’s wife of 34 years. We had an amazing connection and always will. Over the years our love grew stronger through love, laughter, and tears. There was no limit to what our love could see us through.

To our Island Family and Friends, we thank you for your continued love and support over the coming months and years.

Love from Laurie and the whole Connelly Clan.

We will have a celebration of Tim’s life in the spring or summer once we can safely meet in large groups again.