Robert Edward Read | 1928-2020

Bob was born on June 15, 1928 in Twin Falls, Idaho, to Edward and Hazel Read. His parents ended up moving he and his two older sisters to Renton, Washington, where his dad worked as a baker and Bob ended up apprenticing under him.

While in high school, he started dating his wife of 70 years, Jean Kinney. They had three kids together, Gary, Mike and Wendy.

While Bob was attending University of Washington he was drafted to the Marines and was stationed in San Diego for about three years.

Upon his return, he started working for Standard Foods as a restaurant supplier and worked there for several years until landing a job with Pizza Pete. He worked his way up to management and set up and did the training in all of the new restaurants.

He and Jean loved to sail and began venturing up to the San Juan Islands every chance they could until finally they decided to leave the rat-race of Seattle and move to Friday Harbor permanently in 1977. He got his real estate license and sold real estate for a few years until opening the San Juan Donut Shop in 1983. This was his true passion, he loved socializing with “the regulars,” and he loved baking and preparing good quality food to the islanders.

He retired at the age of 65 and sold the restaurant and he and Jean built a house at Cape San Juan where they really enjoyed the community and camaraderie. They lived there until 2004 when they decided to move to Sisters, Oregon, to be closer to Wendy and her family. That is where he and Jean lived out the rest of their lives.

They were very fortunate to have travelled every where in the world that they wanted to see. Bob is survived by his two older sisters, Ruthie McCaslan and Shirley Wiest; his sons Gary (Alyse), Mike (Lori); daughter Wendy (Mike); and several grandchildren and great grandchildren.