Priscilla Ione Gardner | 1928-2019

Priscilla was born in Denver, Colorado on Nov. 25, 1928, and was the only child of Herbert and Ione Tomlinson. Herbert was an Army doctor during World War II, and as a result the family moved frequently as her father was re-stationed often.

Priscilla attended college at University of Louisville, where she was voted the Homecoming Queen and received her degree in micro-biology at University of Washington. She was voted the University of Washington May Day Queen by, among others, the governor of the state of Washington. Priscilla was an active member of the Kappa Alpha Beta sorority and stayed in touch with her sorority sisters for the rest of her life.

Priscilla met Hugh Tandy Gardner at University of Washington in the ‘40s.

Hugh and Priscilla married on July 15, 1949, on a radio show in Los Angeles and received a honeymoon to a lake resort in Arkansas as a gift from the show.

The couple moved to Portland, Oregon, and raised three children, before building their retirement home on San Juan Island in Washington state. Hugh died of cancer about a year into their retirement and Priscilla lived on the island, between her world travels, for the remaining years of her life. Priscilla loved the San Juan Islands. Priscilla was a pilot, loved to fish and boat in the San Juan Islands and was very active skiing on Mount Hood, Oregon, and later traveling to many countries around the world.

Priscilla was able to enjoy a 90th birthday party in Friday Harbor, Washington, in November 2018 and wore her Tiara and a smile for the entire event, which was attended by many friends and family, who we hope will remember her from that day.

Priscilla is survived by her daughter, Thames Leigh Nau; her identical twin sons Todd Irish Gardner and Tandy Alan Gardner; granddaughter Heather Michelle Reugh; grandsons Justin Patrick Nau, Michael Tandy Gardner and Robert Todd Gardner; and great-granddaughter, Elanna Nau.

It was Priscilla’s wish that no memorial service be held for her.