Joel Westgate

Joel Westgate

February 1, 1962 — April 30, 2014

Born Feb. 1, 1962, and raised in Washington state, Joel Westgate was oldest of five adopted children.

His father, Frank, was chief, cook and bottle-washer for many years until he married Alice, and she added two more to the mix, Joel was then the oldest of all six—wow.

Joel left home early for some adventure. He sailed the Caribbean, learned to scuba-dive, loved the ocean breezes and all the wonderful people he encountered on the many islands he visited.

He was very talented, did auto-body work, heavy equipment, remodeled homes, bosun on ships, crewed tugs to Haiti, and also delivered supplies to Hawaii. But he was most proud of the 12 years he was a deck boss on long-liner ships in Alaska.

Married to Jenay for 22 years, they also traveled all over the world. She was an international nurse that helped in third-world countries. “Joely” was what his friends called him. He had many wonderful ideas, always thought outside the box, as his house and wives Jenay and Mary were receivers of many of his surprises; we never new what the holidays would bring, but we were never disappointed.

Joel had a wish to move to Oregon but his health was not good. Determined to go anyway, he said, “I finally have enough manpower to load and unload these trucks, I’ll take care of my health when I get to Oregon.”

It was on April 27 that he moved. On April 30 he died, I’m so sorry.

Preceded in death by Jenay, in 2005, and by his beautiful dog Fuji-lin, Joely, you are missed. You had a love for life and those that received it from you knew it. I was your cougar, and had reservations about it, but age means nothing, as you proved with your respect, kindness and love… lololo, Mary, RIP. No services planed.

— Friends of Joel Westgate