Ian Gatley

Ian K. Gatley

1931 — 2013

Ian K. Gatley passed away the 7th of September, 2013, due to complications of dementia.

He was preceded in death by his daughter Anna, father Jack, mother Ruth, and sister Carol, as well as his ex-wife Judy. Ian is survived by brothers, Eric and Richard, as well as sons Bruce and Dana, and their many family members.

For the last 20 years, Ian had made the San Juans his home, living the good life in retirement, just the way he wanted. He loved the lifestyle Friday Harbor provided, the people, and calm pace where there always seemed to be plenty of time to savor life as it happened.

Ian loved to play music with his friends whenever possible, having re-discovered his first love, the steel guitar.

His home was a source of great pride, and pleasure, having designed and built it himself, with the help of his sons. He enjoyed sitting and watching the beautiful view of the shipping lanes of Haro Strait, and beyond to his beloved Canada.

Ian was Canadian by birth, but American by choice.

He came to California in 1949, and by 1957 became an American citizen, and a graduate of UCLA. For most people that would have been enough, but he continued his higher education, 11 years all told, culminating in a masters degree in the arts.

With his teaching certificate in hand, Ian landed a teaching position at Eastern Oregon State College, in LaGrande, Ore., where he taught fine art until retiring 30 years later as a full professor.

Ian was very proud of his distinguished career, but it was his impact on the people he taught, young and old, over the decades that made him most proud. Countless students have shared their own stories of personal success, giving credit in part to the teachings of their beloved Professor Gatley.

There is so much more to say about the man: gifted artist and musician, loving, kind, caring, giving, brilliant, but most of all, loved by all who knew him.

Ian will be sorely missed by family, and friends everywhere.

— Family of Ian Gatley