Dwight Evan Brown | October 10, 2020

Dwight Brown, 33, of Friday Harbor Washington and native of St. Croix (not the island), Indiana, passed away on Oct. 10, 2020.

He was diagnosed just over three months ago with the mother of all stage IV colon cancers and chronic stubbornness. To treat his cancer, doctors installed a subdermal port which he fondly referred to as his “third nipple” and if you were around him at any time in his last three months he probably coaxed you into touching it!

Like most people diagnosed with extremely aggressive stage IV cancer and chronic stubbornness, Dwight enjoyed some of his last days by putting his body through physically demanding activities like taking a three hour kayaking trip into open waters crossing the paths of landing sea planes and high speed water vessels and taking a hiking trip to the highest peak on the island. He also continued to ride his motorcycle any chance he had (probably at exceedingly high speeds if his habits from his teenage years followed him into adulthood).

He is survived by his amazing wife Mallory (she didn’t have to pay me to say that); two children Rowan and Willow with whom he shared his witty sense of humor, thirst for knowledge and easily sunburnt skin, a small herd of dogs that take up residence on his couch; parents Rosa (owner of the cleanest dog on earth) and Dale Brown (story teller extraordinaire); brother Matthew (with whom he shared his good looks); Matthew’s wife Matrika (author of this slightly more interesting than average obituary); and two nieces: Ava (who eventually caved and touched the third nipple — “it felt weird”) and Olivia (whom Dwight beat every time at staring contests); grandmother Wanda Mullins (toughest woman on earth); more aunts, uncles and cousins than you can shake a stick at and the wonderfully supportive friends and co-workers who treated him like family in Friday Harbor (whom I have learned are very good people but joking about eating orcas in their presence is not acceptable).

Dwight made friends quickly wherever he went and will be dearly missed by all who knew him. He was an incredible person, who even though he had a less than average lifespan, he did not live an average life. He was a quick-witted kid, who could throw unexpected adults off in a split second, the hometown football star, award winning poet (he finally won the local children’s poetry contest his senior year of high school) and pro butcher. After completing college to become a nurse at the University of Evansville, he and his wife Mallory took their children on journeys throughout the United States and across the globe. And if saving lives as an accomplished emergency nurse was not enough, as a flight nurse, he saved lives while airborne!

Following Dwight’s last wishes, there will not be a funeral service. However, well-wishers are encouraged to honor his life by writing a note of farewell on a can of Coors (or something more palatable) and drinking it in his honor, remembering to live life to the fullest, exploring the world, and laughing any chance one can get. The Brown Family would also like to thank Dr. Hannan and Jennifer Bryan at SCCA for their wonderful care.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made in his name to the University of Evansville School of Nursing.

To share memories of Dwight, please sign the online guestbook at https://www.evanschapel.com.