Wellness and role models |Women in Business Special

Amy Bienvenu loves her job, especially since it helps her to be a role model for her 7-year-old daughter.

“It’s a great time in history to be a woman in business,” she said. “It’s great to acknowledge that.”

Amy Bienvenu opened the Wellness Center about six years ago, and in that time she has turned 470 Spring Street suite number 103 into a real retreat. In one room visitors can enjoy therapeutic massage by Maia Yipp or Rolfing by Bienvenu. Across the hall is an office where Psychotherapist Cere Demuth and Therapist Teresa Tilton provide mental health services.

Bienvenu said Rolfing is like massage but is practiced with the person standing and moving around.

As Bienvenu puts it to clients, Rolfing is a way to manipulate the body’s connective tissue and educate people about their body’s posture and movements.

“It’s different than massage because we look at the effects of gravity,” said Bienvenu, who practiced therapeutic massage for 13 years.

She explains that in a session she watches a person’s movements to discover where they are compressed or restricted.

As an active athlete especially in high school, Bienvenu has not been a stranger to injuries and used therapies like massage to heal.

“It was so profoundly valuable to me growing up,” she said. “Without it I wouldn’t have been able to continue the activities I loved.”

Becoming a certified Rofler seemed like a perfect next step after she had established herself as a massage therapist.

“It just made sense,” Bienvenu said,

According to the Rolf Institute, there are more than 1,200 certified Rolfers in 27 different countries. The Rolf Institute’s international headquarters is located in Boulder, Colo., with offices in Germany, Brazil, and Japan.

Bienvenu said that we can develop body movements that create strain, even simple repetitive acts like checking our phones or sitting in our cars. As humans we are so ready to adapt that we will move our bodies in ways that aren’t always good for us overall.

“It’s amazing how we can adapt,” Bienvenu said. “But there has to be a reset button.”

For Bienvenu the real joy in her role as a practitioner is to unravel the mysteries of each person’s body and movement.

“There are so many revelations that come out if it,” she said.

Having Yipp as a therapeutic massage therapist and two mental health care professionals brings the perfect combination to the Wellness Center.

“It’s important that people have anonymity here and a sense of security,” she said

She describes Yipp as “attentive and calm.”

“It’s easy to relax around her,” said Bienvenu. “She’s a great listener.”

Looking ahead to the future, Bienvenu says she hopes for a lot more of the same – a true testament to a successful business.

She does look at furthering her skills in Rolfing and getting an advanced certification.

But overall, her daily goal of being a role model for her daughter is the greatest accomplishment she can take away from her business.

“I want to be a good example for her, that she can do anything,” said Bienvenu.