Warrant out for Friday Harbor teen’s arrest

A female minor, 17, of Friday Harbor, was charged on Jan. 14 in San Juan County Superior Court with possession of a controlled substance, a class C felony, and two counts of possession of legend drugs without a prescription, both misdemeanors. A warrant was issued for her arrest.

According to the determination of probable cause, on Jan. 1, the minor listed as missing and endangered. A deputy suspected the minor was inside a vehicle belonging to Stuart Piff, a man she was known to have been with priorly.

There are three domestic violence no-contact orders issued by San Juan County District Court and Superior Court against Piff prohibiting him from having contact with the minor.

The deputy allegedly found the minor seated on the floorboard of the front passenger seat. She then asked the deputy if he was a cop, the deputy said yes and told her his name.

The minor allegedly told the deputy she needs to tell Piff she loves him and asked the deputy why he was, “doing this to him.” The deputy told the minor Piff is not to be in contact with her, and she allegedly began yelling “I love you.”

During this time, Piff was allegedly picked up by a friend and left the scene.

The deputy noted in the probable cause that the minor appeared to have been under the influence of a stimulant due to her erratic behavior.

Inside of the vehicle, a deputy reported that he noticed a pink vaping device on the front passenger floor where the minor had been sitting. The pen-style device allegedly had a cartridge with a brown liquid substance inside of it.

When asked what the minor and Piff were doing, the minor reportedly said, “He’s going to get so much time,” then said she was getting a ride from him. The minor allegedly told the deputy she and Piff were hanging out and then asked if Piff would be in trouble and how much time he was going to do.

In the backseat of the car was a black purse the minor said belonged to her sister’s friend, according to the probable cause statement. The minor’s mom later came at the behest of the minor to retrieve money from inside the purse which the mother said was the minor’s.

When a search warrant was granted by the district court, deputies searched the car and purse. Inside the car were Piff’s driver’s license and a clear glass pipe deputies recognized as one used for ingesting methamphetamine, according to court documents. Deputies said that inside the purse was a bottle with the minor’s mother’s name on it containing multiple pills and a white crystalline substance.

Deputies also allegedly found a black canvas bag in the trunk with small baggies and a ball of white crystalline substance wrapped in clear plastic wrap and a digital scale. Size small female clothing items and small size female shoes were also found in the truck, according to the probable cause.

A second search warrant was issued and deputies took items from the car into evidence.

The purse allegedly contained multiple pills, two small plastic baggies and an earring. In one baggy was a 4-milligram pill of Tizanidine Hydrochloride, a muscle relaxant, and a 10-milligram pill of Metoclopramide Hydrochloride. Inside the other bag was a white crystalline substance that field-tested as methamphetamine.

The minor’s criminal history includes disorderly conduct for abusive language and resisting arrest.