Vandalism at Republican booth at fair

The Republican National Party booth at the San Juan County Fair was vandalized last night. When Volunteers Carl and Alison Jablonski showed up for this shift on Saturday morning they were shocked to find signs ripped up into small pieces, remnants of several eggs thrown around the area and a sign that read, “Screw Donald Trump.”

“I had no idea something like this could happen on the island,” said Carl Jablonski, who moved here last year from Southern California.

The San Juan County Sheriff’s office took a report of the destruction. A deputy also visited the local Democratic booth at the fair, where they found another case of vandalism: A Hitler mustache was drawn on a poster of presidential nominee Hilary Clinton.

Sheriff Ron Krebs said the investigation is ongoing, but is not active as there are no witnesses or suspects at this time.

With the polarization of both the Democratic and Republic parties across the nation, Carl Jablonski said the recent incidents are “Par for the course.”