Town water supply update #6

Submitted by Town of Friday Harbor.

Headway is being made in recovering the Town’s water supply, but residents and businesses are asked to assist with this recovery by continuing to conserve water for the near future. No new leaks have been detected today as the majority of meters at properties with broken pipes have been shut off or repaired. Overnight, the town water supply stopped losing ground and was able to add 50,000 gallons. “While this is encouraging, the lack of reserves is still very real,” said Town Administrator Duncan Wilson, explaining average use in January is 200,000 to 215,000 gallons per day.

“Half the battle is detecting and stopping leaks,” said Wilson. “The other half is the process of producing potable water to replenish our depleted reserves.” While Trout Lake is full to overflowing and the water plant is working at full capacity, Wilson says cold temperatures are slowing the purification process, and the Town cannot recover the supply without conservation assistance from water users.

Customers are asked to continue to take short showers, consolidate laundry into fewer loads, run dishwashers only when full and use a shorter cycle, and avoid running faucets unnecessarily.

Tank levels will not recover if meters remain open where leaks have been detected. The water crew continues to check meters for leaks and if detected will shut off meters until repairs have been completed. Citizens are advised not to turn meters on or off as this is resulting in meter breakage. Contact Town Hall for assistance at 378-2810.