Tourist accidentally steals car, drives it from Friday Harbor to Roche Harbor

San Juan resident Winnifred Brumsickle suffered from a rare island occurrence — someone stole her car.

On Oct. 17 she had parked her car outside of Vinny’s Ristorante while meeting a friend at Friday Harbor House only to find that when she went outside her car was missing.

“We had a laugh and couldn’t imagine it was stolen. So I checked with the fam, nope, no one took it. I SWORE I parked in front of Vinny’s but it wasn’t there or anywhere close,” she said. “But I remembered waving at a friend through the window as he went up the Valmakr stairs, so I knew it was gone.”

After that, she proceeded to hit the internet explaining her situation to get some more eyes out for her car, along with contacting the Sheriff’s Department.

“They reacted as if it happened every day. Very routine and matter-of-fact. I exchanged greetings about the kids and workouts,” she laughed.

After she had asked the Friday Harbor House front desk for video footage, they discovered that guests of the hotel took the car, thinking it was a rental vehicle. Staff got in touch with them and found out that it was driven to Roche Harbor.

Brumsickle’s car was eventually returned to the Friday Harbor House parking lot. When she arrived, she wanted to meet the tourists who had taken her car. It was too late as they were already out of sight, leaving her with a near-empty gas tank.

Brumsickle will not be pressing charges.