String of San Juan Island burglaries tied together

(Official charges have not been made for individuals mentioned below, therefore The Journal will name them as “suspects.” John Barker and Joshua Treleven are mentioned as they have pleaded guilty to the crimes discussed below.)

Cattle Point theft

On Feb. 6 a deputy took a report from a an individual whose Cattle Point home was broken into via the garage. Suspect 1 was arrested after a deputy investigated the case.

On Feb. 14, suspect 1 spoke with the sheriff’s department about the incident. According to probable cause documents, suspect 1 said he and another man traveled together on Feb. 6 with the intent to break into the home on Cattle Point.

The following was recorded by a sheriff’s deputy:

Suspect 1 alleged that he and the other man broke into the residence via the garage to remove tools that were later recovered by the sheriff’s office. The two allegedly put the tools in a blue Blazer registered to a woman who was in the process of selling the vehicle to one of the men. Suspect 1 told a deputy that he and a different woman [suspect 2] “prowled” the residence a few days prior. On Feb. 3 they entered the garage of the Cattle Point residence, where they allegedly took a propane torch.

On Feb. 7, suspect 1 wanted to borrow the torch but suspect 2 informed him that her son was using it. According to suspect 1, the adult son lives in a closet in his mother’s residence. The son, suspect 3, has two warrants out for his arrest for a drug and trespass charge.

Jewelry theft

Joshua Daniel Treleven, 37, of Friday Harbor, was charged with trafficking stolen property in the first degree and possession of stolen property in the first degree in regards to the incident below. He was sentenced on Jan. 25 to 12 months in prison.

The following was recorded by a sheriff’s deputy:

On June 11, the sheriff’s office was notified of a burglary in progress at an Argyle Lane residence in Friday Harbor. Jewelry, estimated at $80,000, was missing.

On June 30, deputies interviewed Joshua Treleven about a separate burglary not involving any of the above-mentioned cases. He told deputies at that time that he had no knowledge of the missing jewelry.

Suspect 2 came to the sheriff’s office on July 23, to say that she did not want to be involved in any illegal activity involving Treleven. She told deputies that her daughter was dating Treleven and that she thought he may be involved in the jewelry theft.

Suspect 2 alleged that Treleven was seen with a large plastic baggie that contained jewelry somewhere around June. At the time she took a pair of earrings, but later Treleven allegedly said they were stolen and she returned them to him. She said she felt he may have hidden the jewelry at her residence as he stayed there often with her daughter. The deputy later recovered a third of the estimated 25 pounds of stolen property under a bush near suspect 2’s residence.

Treleven later told a deputy that many people had pieces of the stolen jewelry, including suspect 2 and her son, as well as the owner of the above mentioned blue Blazer. According to the deputy’s report, “Treleven stated the jewelry was being traded for drugs.”

Suspect 1, while being interviewed about the Cattle Point burglary, also told deputies the jewelry was being traded for drugs.

On Sept. 18, suspect 1 said he was at suspect 2’s residence and witnessed her son (suspect 3) with a $1,600 necklace that suspect 1 recognized from the Argyle burglary “collection.” Suspect 1 also told deputies that he saw suspect 2 with jewelry from the same collection.

John Barker

John William Barker Jr., 25, of Friday Harbor, pled guilty to one count of child molestation in the second degree on Jan. 6. He is awaiting his sentencing hearing on Feb. 21. While he has been incarcerated, he was cell mates of Treleven. Barker told deputies that Treleven confessed to stealing the jewelry in jail.


The following was recorded by a sheriff’s deputy:

The jewelry owner identified a sketch provided by suspect 1 of the necklace and told officers it could very well be from her collection.

On Feb. 15, officers went to suspect 2’s residence with a search warrant. After a search, officers found $8,000 worth of jewelry in the closet where suspect 3 allegedly sleeps. The owner said the recovered items were in excess of $8,000 and each piece was worth about $1,500. This was in addition to the jewelry recovered from under a bush near suspect 2’s residence in July.

Suspect 2 and 3 were arrested for multiple theft charges. Suspect 3 had a hearing on Feb. 16 for the judge to find probable cause. He was released on personal recognizance. Suspect 2 has a $5,000 bail. An arraignment will be set for both suspects in the future. No charges have been officially filed by the prosecutor’s office.

Suspect 2 has a $5,000 bail. An arraignment will be set for both suspects in the future. No charges have been officially filed by the prosecutor’s office.

Suspect 1, who was arrested earlier for the Cattle Point incident, has been charged with burglary and possession of stolen property.